Saturday, April 2, 2016

Planner Stamping: April 2016 Monthly

{I'm backdating my posts to the week that is dated in my planner.} With April being this blue color, I knew my February 2016 Planner Society Kit would be perfect for this monthly layout.  Typically I just highlight events that are occurring this month and then put more specific details in my weekly spreads.  Since things do come along later as the month progresses, I do typically come back and update my monthly to match.

Christy used the Pantone colors of the year for this kit and I love how it all came together.  I've never been much of a navy person, but even in my clothes, I tend to lean more of wearing navy, white, and baby pink together.  I think navy is my color this year, lol.

I stamped out the #sparklepalooza, since I celebrate my birthday April 5-30, lol.  Being so behind, I didn't get a lot of my free goodies until almost the end of the month.  But I did enjoy some time at the mall using my coupons and even a fun lime green shirt and scarf (my favorite color).  I hope you all have a great day!

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