Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Planner Stamping: March 2016 Monthly

{I'm backdating my posts to the week that is dated in my planner.}  I've been super busy at work, as we launched a new product on Monday and as you can see, I'm traveling every week for the rest of this month.  I'm weeks late posting this, lol though I suppose better late than never. :)  My schedule kept changing, so I've added and redone a few of these boxes. 

It also took awhile for my St. Patrick's Day kit from the Planner Society to come, so that also contributed to me being behind as well.  Like my dashboard page, I decided that the green was going to win over!  I actually love how this call came together and love this sticker kit. 

Two major things for this month is my No Spend and getting my Guest Room together.  I planned this long before I knew I was traveling, so the room never got done, lol.  But I've been good about my no spend (I did end up spending a little, but not a lot.) and don't plan to buy any crafty stuff until my birthday (which is only a few days away, lol).  I've already asked for my new planners, so I'm very excited to get them!  Well, I hope you all enjoy the day! 
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