Monday, January 4, 2016

Planner Stamping: January 4 - 10, 2016 - Sparkle Creations Crafting Emily

Highline is one of my favorite Basic Grey paper packs and I love bright colors.  I decided to do more of a rainbow theme this week and did a different color for each day.  With Thanh and I leaving on Friday to go to CHA, I also chose a crafting theme.  I knew Crafting Emily would be just perfect for this.  I also included pictures of Thanh and I from the last two CHAs that we attended together with our yay signs. 

{Gasp}, I lost Flat Peggy last year, so I am recreating a new one for CHA.  When I return, I hope to recreate flat sets of all of us.  Thanh doesn't really have time to make new yay signs either, so we're using the yay signs that Peggy, Aileen, Shaela, and I made for wedding.  (Hence the teal and orange colors.

Here's a close up of Crafting Emily.  I'm still learning how to color on label paper.  It's no 110lb cardstock that I'm used to, lol.  But I've really enjoyed being able to use my regular stamps in my planner as well.

Please don't judge me for watching Bachelor, lol.  I've watched every season since the show has started.  Though it's scripted, trashy, and crazy, Brent and I just get a good laugh from watching the show.  Every season we randomly pick two people on the first episode and it's fun to see how long they last.

I fly out Friday morning to Anaheim.  Brent will be home, but Boston is going to spend the weekend with my parents.  Thanh and I have lots of fun plans while we're down in Cali.  I'm super excited to eat at In-N-Out and see lots of crafty friends!  Though Jordan is gone, I am also excited to see the Basic Grey booth.

It snowed yesterday here and I'm hoping that the weather will clear up today.  While we didn't get much snow, we have a lot of ice and I live on a hill now.  It is nice that I work from home, but I might have to have a snow day if we can't get Boston to daycare.  I hope you have a wonderful Monday and stay safe!

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  1. LOVE your designs!!! Wonderful FUN images that you create, LOVE them!!! Your PLANNER is DIVINELY wonderful!!! - Great to have met you at CHA!!!

  2. Your planner is beautiful, Sparkle! Love all of the little hand-stamped markers and Crafting Emily looks amazing on your planner page!


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