Saturday, January 2, 2016

Planner Stamping: January 2016 Dashboard

I'll share more about this in another post, but I have a new planner this year.  It is an 18-month calendar, but since I bought it in November, I've only been using it for a little bit.  I hope to eventually share everything I created in the past, but for now, I'm sharing with you the beginning of January.

This is a Happy Planner from Mambi and at the beginning of every month, there is a dashboard.  January is one of the few months that I have a lot of birthdays and a lot of them that are close together.  I am happy to say that I'll be attending CHA this year and I am looking forward to going to Anaheim.  Brent and I are also trying to teach Boston his body parts, so I hope to work more on that this month as well.  I haven't schedule my next trip up to Seattle yet, so I will fill that in once I know.

I wrote everything in and my page looked really boring, lol.  So I decided to find some fun stuff to add.  I ended up using RSVP paper and matching embellishments by Basic Grey.  I already know what I'm getting Shaela for her birthday, but since she'll most likely see my post, I left that blank for now.  Though, I am still in need of a gift idea for my soon-to-be 3 nephew.  Em told me what she wanted at Christmas time, so I was able to get her birthday present ahead of time. :)

Shaela wrote a book and ended up releasing it early!  I'll talk more about her book in another post, but the digital version is still releasing on the 30th, so I decided to leave it alone.  I'm really excited for her and wish her the best with this new adventure!  I hope you all enjoyed the holiday and have a fabulous weekend! 

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