Sunday, January 31, 2016

Planner Stamping: February 1 - 7, 2016 - Sparkle Creations Valentine Oliver

You might of heard the other day that my beloved Basic Grey is closing in a couple of weeks.  While I was at CHA, I got wind of that, so I sadly knew it was coming.  Since they just released new sets for CHA, I had hoped they would of stuck around for a little bit longer.  I didn't think it would happen so soon.  I've owned every collection they've made and it's my staple in my card making.  There's lots of companies that make 6x6 paper now, but I'm just so sad.

I recently just got my newest valentines paper from Basic Grey and I love it.  It's a bit floral and girly, but I like it for the occasion.  A part of me thinks there's a little too much pink on this layout, lol, but I'm committed  to it.  I decided to use my Planner Society Valentine's Day kit for the following week and my monthly layout, so I used Valentine Oliver here.  He's still one of my all time favorite stamps.

I ended up having to reschedule my dentist appointment for this week, but hopefully that will be the last time until I get my teeth cleaned in July!  I'm super excited to order my punch from Mambi tomorrow and of course the Super Bowl is next weekend.  I'm rooting for the Broncos!!!  We're also going to the beach this weekend to visit Brent's grandma and I'm looking forward to it.  Well, I hope you all have a great day!

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Planner Stamping: January 25 - 31, 2016 - Sparkle Creations Bookworm Ruby

This is a crazy week for me and it always is every year!  I have 4 birthdays (3 days in row), 2 birthday parties, a playdate, and Mom's night out for my moms group!  I originally thought I would do a birthday theme this week since there will be a lot of celebrating going on.  When I heard that my friend Shaela's book was going to release on the 30th, I decided to do a book theme.

With Shaela moving, she ended up releasing her book early, but since I had already started decorating my planner, I just kept the theme.  The .epub version is still releasing on the 30th, so I decided it was still relevant and applied.  :)  If anyone is interested, this is Shaela's historical romance novel, A Heart Made of Indigo.  She's put a lot of work into getting this book published and I am so excited for her!

My little sister is turning 10 this week!  I can't believe she's hitting double digits!  My dad told me she wants to go out to dinner at Olive Garden, so that's what we'll be doing for her celebration.  My nephew is turning 3 on the same day and we're going to a kids play place for his party.  It's also Shaela's birthday this week (and one of her daughter's, who has the same birthday as Emily and Calvin) and my SIL's birthday.  Well, I hope you can join in on my excitement, lol, and I hope you all have a great day!

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