Sunday, December 6, 2015

Planner Stamping: December 7 - 13, 2015 Mistletoe Lucy

{I'm backdating my posts to the weeks they should of been posted.  I figured in the future, it would just be easier to find.} 

Keeping with the Christmas/Winter theme, I chose an older Basic Grey paper, Aspen Frost for this week.  I also decided to use Mistletoe Lucy for my main image.  Moving into a new house during the holidays is crazy and I really don't recommend it, lol.  We got our TV delivered and Sears came to service our washer.

I also cancelled my mom's group gift exchange so Brent and I could have a date night.  We went and finally watched Mocking Jay Part 2 (Hunger Games).  Movies don't stay in theater for very long anymore, so I feel like if we don't go see it the first week it comes out, we're going to miss it!  I actually still need to write a date night post about it.

Brent has a group of friends that we always do a friends Christmas dinner with.  This year his twin Scott and his wife hosted.  We always do it potluck style and since my SIL cooked ham, I made salad and baked pineapple.  Though I didn't have much in the planner this week, organizing my house took up most of my time.  Well, I hope you have a wonderful day!

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