Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Sparkle Creations Mr. and Mrs. Love Wedding Card

{All} of my sentiment stamps are in storage!  I really must of had baby brain while I was packing up my craft room, lol.  It's been a good excuse to use up my alpha stickers (which is funny that I remembered to leave those out...since I hardly ever use them), but I've been wishing for stamp sentiments.  I gave in and ordered a mixed sentiment set from CTMH, the last time I went to Kandi's card class.

I didn't get my stamp set in time to make this card, but I am happy to have it now.  My niece's mom got remarried a couple of weeks ago and this is the card I made to go with their gift.  Since I was already in town (Seattle area) for work the week before and no children are allowed at the wedding, we decided not to attend.  With Brent working weekends and having to find overnight care for Boston, it just seemed like too much for me to handle.

I typically like to make things that match the wedding colors, but since I didn't know the color scheme ahead of time, I just used what I liked!  While this card is more simple for me, I love how it came out.

Here is a lovely picture of the happy couple with their daughter and parents.  From the pictures, it looks like the wedding turned out wonderful!  I love Dana's dress too.  It reminds me a lot of my own dress.

Well, again, life has busy for me.  Between working and keeping up with Boston, Brent and I have been house hunting.  I do have a few more events coming up this summer, so I hope to get a few more cards made as well.  Have a wonderful hump day!


  1. Fun card!
    hey, I sent you something...hope you receive it :)

  2. Pretty card. Love the "make-due" sentiment. It worked out perfectly. Of course I love the colored image.

  3. Superb card! Its design is so cute and those wedding photographs are really pretty. I just visited a few venues for weddings in Los Angeles that I need for my sister’s wedding ceremony. All the venues were so pretty and I had hard time in deciding on which one would be best.


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