Monday, June 22, 2015

Year of Dates: My Brother's Crawfish

We actually went on this date on Tuesday, May 6, 2015.  I've eaten at this place a few times with Mayce (Anna's sister, so my Aunt, though she's younger than me) and it's like eating at Crabpot.  They do seafood boils, though they do serve other food as well.  Brent doesn't really like these, as it can be time consuming to dig out your food!  But I love me some clams!!

PJ and Ka (my nieces) always raved about this place and at first I was so excited to find a place like this in Portland.  Unfortunately, when I took Brent to dinner, we got horrible service.  I honestly don't think I'll be returning to this place in the future. 

It was busy and we sat there for over an hour waiting for our food.  After we saw people who ordered after us get their food, we asked about our order.  Well, it was the waitress's third night working and she forgot to ring in our order.  The manager did come to talk to us, but didn't really do anything to make the situation better.  We weren't looking for a free meal, but he didn't seem to care at all, which is why I won't be returning.

Brent got a lobster sandwich, which you can see was huge!  The funny part was that Mayce and Margret (my niece) even showed up at the restaurant!  Since we were on date night, we didn't sit with them.  But I did say hi and bye before we left.

Though the service wasn't great, Brent and I did have a good time hanging out.  My MIL was kind enough to stay up a bit later watching Boston, since we ended up waiting so long for our dinner. 

I'm disappointed that I'll have to find a new seafood spot in Portland, but since Mayce loves it as much as I do, I'm sure we'll have fun trying out new place.  Well, I hope you all have a great's back to work for me!

My Brother's Crawfish
8220 SE Harrison St | Portland, OR 97216

{A Year of Dates}:  The basic idea of this is to plan out date nights for the entire year. This year I pre-planned 26 dates for us and I am sharing our dates as we go on them through out the year.  You can read more about this in my original post.

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