Monday, April 20, 2015

Year of Dates: Pine State Biscuits

I've been to Pine State Biscuits a couple of times with my friend Thanh and my best friend Catherine.  Biscuits aren't really my thing, but all the food I've had from here has been delicious.  I've been wanting to take Brent for awhile, and he really enjoyed it!

Our goal was to start our bi-weekly dates in March and picked out our gift cards.  Unfortunately, Boston had a series of illnesses, and that didn't let us get out at all.  Our poor little man has had the flu, pink eye, and a repertory viral infection in the last 6 weeks.  Boston has had a cold this last week, but is doing much better over all!

We've also been busy with closing on our house.  Everything got delayed, but we are hoping to finalize everything within a few days.  I personally have been super busy with work as well.  We're launching new products in Colorado and Idaho, so I've been doing a lot of training lately.

My MIL was kind enough to offer to watch Boston so we could do a breakfast date.  It was unplanned so I didn't do a very good job at documenting it.  I will definitely work a bit harder in this area for my next post, as I really wanted pictures of us on our dates!

There are 4 locations in Portland and before yesterday, I had only been to the one on Alberta.  The location on Division is a little bit closer to where we live, so we decided to go there instead.  This location is huge compared to the Alberta location!  Brent and I got there right before the rush, as there was only a few people ahead of us in line.  You can see how popular this place is as the line is typically out the door!

Brent decided to go classic and had the biscuits and gravy.  It was wonderful and very tasty.  I had a biscuit with collared greens and an egg.  I also made Brent stop at Starbucks first so I could get coffee.  We pretty much fed and dressed Boston, and then left the house.  It was wonderful to get out and not feel rushed.  Boston and I were up in Seattle most of last week, so it was also nice to spend some quality time with Brent.

Though I've only been here a few times, I would highly recommend this place!  It's even great for lunch or dinner too!  Brent and I are trying to make up for the dates we should of already gone on, so I'll hopefully have more to post soon.  I hope you all have a lovely's back to work for me!

Pine State Biscuits
1100 SE Division | Portland, OR 97202

{A Year of Dates}:  The basic idea of this is to plan out date nights for the entire year. This year I pre-planned 26 dates for us and I am sharing our dates as we go on them through out the year.  You can read more about this in my original post.

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  1. Sounds delish! Glad you guys sold your home here! Poor baby boston...hope he's feeling better!


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