Wednesday, December 31, 2014

One Little Word for 2015

For the last five years, I've picked a word and goals for the upcoming year.  I find that blogging about them and keeping track each month has helped me hold myself more accountable.  I also feel like I achieve a lot more that way too.  This last year, I haven't had much time to dedicate myself to anything really.  But once we find a new home and get settled, I have big things brewing for 2015.
Recap of 2014:
This year has been full of major life changes. Having a baby. Brent getting a new job. Us moving to Portland. And honestly, it wasn't really what I wanted. I would of loved to stay in Maple Valley and let Boston grow up in our house and neighborhood. Of course I'm grateful to be closer to my family, especially since my dad is watching Boston.  I'm also happy that Boston does get to see all of his extended family regularly.   

I feel like I've made a decent effort in accepting what life has brought me, which {accept} was my word for 2014.  I was blessed with a calm boy who is a great eater and a wonderful night sleeper. He could nap during the day better, but so thankful he sleeps through the night already.  I'm rolling with the punches and trying to make the best out of everything. I'm hoping that once we sell our house and move out my inlaws house, that I can find a new normal again.
Word for 2015:
For this coming year, I've chosen {explore} as my word.  Though I was born and raised in Portland, I haven't really lived here since college. It's obviously changed a lot (so have I, lol) and I want to try to reconnect with Portland. I want to visit all the different parts of Portland. Eat at all the new restaurants. Hang out in all the cool hipster neighborhoods. Try food from the food trucks downtown. Ride the Max. (When I last lived here, there was only 1 Max line, lol.) Take the kids (I include my little siblings in this. I don't have more children, lol.) to do fun things.

Being back in Portland, I miss Maple Valley so much. I miss living in a cute suburb where I can walk to the little shopping center. Spending the last 8 years in Denver and Seattle, Brent and I have forgotten how small Portland is.  Brent has moved to two states for my career, so I feel like it's my turn to support him. And I want to spend this next year having fun exploring.
My list of words:
2015 Explore
2014 Accept
2013 Expand
2012 Sparkle
2011 Balance
2010 Strive
Do any of you have a word or resolution for 2015?  I hope you all have a wonderful and safe New Year celebration!