Monday, September 29, 2014

Coffee Lovers Blog Hop and Cafe Lucy Thank You Card

Welcome to the Coffee Lovers Blog Hop!  Today we are sharing creations that shows our love for our favorite cup of joe. To start at the beginning of the blog hop, please click here.  We've got quite a few companies giving away prizes along the way!  Chaitali and Amy are also each giving away a prize! Each winner they chose will receive a $15 Simon Says Stamp Gift Card!

This is the first time I've crafted since I had my baby, Boston (born at the end of June). Brent (my husband) took Boston to a friend's house to watch the Ducks game, (I'm a Beaver, so our house is quite divided.) which gave me some uninterrupted time to craft. My Basic Grey Grand Bazaar paper has been collecting dust and when I found out that Simon Says had this paper pack and coffee stamps for their card kit this made me feel cool and like I knew what's going on in the crafty world, lol. Just humor me. :)

I had a rough pregnancy (major morning sickness) and now I'm trying to enjoying my maternity leave before I go back to my corporate day job. I've been taking a long break from crafting and my rubber stamp company, Sparkle Creations Rubber Stamps (my store is currently closed this year). With the theme being coffee, I wanted to use one of my own images, and I chose Cafe Lucy. 

1. When did you start drinking coffee?  I started drinking coffee in college to stay up and cram!

2. What is your favorite brand of coffee?  Please don't hate on me, but I love Starbucks coffee. I like bitter coffee. My favorite drink is a carmel macchiato, warm or iced, depending on the weather. 

3. What is the most amazing coffee you've ever had? Do you remember where and when? I remember trying the mint chocolate chip frappuccino the summer it came out. I was at Starbucks in my local Safeway and was sad to see it leave the menu after summer was over. {You can still order it, as it's part of the Starbucks secret menu.}

4. If I don't drink my needed coffee, I really sad, lol. I went 9 months without caffeine and the day I went into labor, I made Brent stop at Starbucks before we went to the hospital. One positive thing about being nauseous during my pregnancy was that I didn't crave my daily cup of coffee.  But in the end, this little cutie was all worth it!

I can't believe that summer is over and my little guy is going to be 3 months tomorrow! Life has been quite crazy for me this summer, but will share more on that later (future posts). Overall, we're all doing well and Boston is just the sweetest baby ever. He's about to roll over any day now and he's smiling. He just started to sleep through the night a couple weeks ago and I'm going to be sad to be going back to work next month.

Well, thank you all for stopping by and hope you are enjoying the hop! To go back to the blog hop list, please click here.  I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!


  1. what a fabulous card!! and that little guy of yours??? way too cute!!

  2. LOVE the cute stamp you have used on your wonderful card! and there is nothing wrong with liking Starbucks. ;) will have to try your mint chocolate chip. my son's fave is the white chocolate peppermint. my fave varies from season to season, but I could drink pumpkin spice year 'round!

    so glad that the sickness has passed. your son is precious as can be!

  3. It's good to see a crafty post from you Sparkle. Your card is just darling and I'm glad you had a bit of time to stamp.

    I can't believe Boston is already 3 months. Where has the time gone?

  4. what a sweet baby...your card is wonderful! love how you colored her!

  5. awesome card and what a precious little babe!!

  6. Love that little man!!! And your card, Sparkle <3 You totally made the Grand Bazaar papers and your SCRS image work!

  7. Hi Sparkle! It's so wonderful to "see" you again and your fabulous coloring and cardmaking skills in action! This card is terrific. So glad you are able to enjoy your coffee again. I guess you can consider it a nice treat/reward after your rough pregnancy. And you're so right, that cutie patootie, Boston, is absolutely worth it! Enjoy every day with him!!

  8. Love your image and your baby is adorable!

  9. Aww adorable little one. Great set of cards.

  10. Yay for getting crafty!!!!!!!
    Your card is fabulous, gotta love Lucy teamed up with Basic Grey :)
    Gah, Boston is so adorable! Love the pics Sparkle!
    Thanks for linking up to the Coffee Lovers Blog Hop♡

  11. Your card is very pretty. I like all the vibrant colors. What I liked most was seeing little Boston. what a sweetheart. What a proud mom you are!!!

  12. First of all.. your lil Boston is the cutest!! I definitely know how tough it is to go back to work after maternity leave- good luck & be sure the plaster your office/desk with pictures of your boy!! :) & finally adorable card- love all the little embellies you added!

  13. this is fabulous! and oh the baby!!!

  14. Nice to hear from you again!! Baby Boston is adorable :) I'm going to have to try a carmel macchiato!! My favorite is the pumpkin spice latte :) Gingerbread spice was pretty good too, hoping they bring it back at Christmas!!


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