Friday, July 11, 2014

Celebrate Today Mr. and Mrs. Wedding Card

My co-worker Matt and his fiance Carly are getting married this weekend!  Obviously with my due date being July 8, I already knew Brent and I wouldn't be able to attend.  They're Canadian, so the wedding is up in Vancouver, BC.  Matt is our Regional Trainer for that area and Brent and I are really happy and excited for them!

Carly told me that they didn't really pick colors for their wedding, but that her maid of honor was wearing red.  Though this probably more of a non-traditional look, I decided to roll with it and use my Highline paper for their card.  It's quite bright, but I love how it came out.

I know some believe it's bad luck or tacky to give people money for their wedding.  But Matt and Carly are saving up to buy a home, so Brent and I will adding to that fund for them.  Here's the inside of the card.  I made a pull tab since it wasn't really obvious where I stashed the money. :)

For my card, I used Sketch #8 from Always Playing with Paper.

I hope you all have a fabulous's almost the weekend!!


  1. Love your card...awesome colors...they're going to love it.

  2. Great card! I like that it is non traditional and colorful. July 8th....could be any day now! Good luck to you both as this newest adventure is about to start.


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