Friday, June 20, 2014

Hello Sunshine Rainy Day Ruby Card and Box of Sunshine

In January, my friend +Shaela and her family moved from Las Vegas, NV to Pleasant Grove, UT.  It was a rough start for them, so my friend +Thanh and I wanted to send Shaela a little bit of sunshine.  You might remember when I did this for my BFF Catherine a couple of years ago.  I do have to say though, with Shae being a crafter, it was much easier buying yellow things this time around. :)

ETA: Thanh and I started this project in April and I wanted to add that things have turned out much better than planned for the Odd family since then, and they couldn't be happier! When Thanh and I were running around shopping tax-free in Portland, we bought Shae a fun assortment of yellow things and embellishments.

Since Shae loves yellow umbrellas, I tend to use this Ruby a lot for her, lol.  Hope she doesn't get too sick of her.  I wanted to wait until I got my Highline paper, since I knew the bright neon yellow would just be perfect for this.

Of course I've been slacking and it's been months...but better late than never, right?!?  I also decorated the inside of my card as well.  I really miss doing this and hope I can get back into the habit.

I used Sweet Sunday Sketch #204 for this card, though I did a traditional A2 card size instead of a square card.

Shaela will heading out to Washington a couple of times this summer and fall, so I'm super excited to see her and spend time with her!  I hope you all have a wonderful's almost the weekend!

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