Sunday, February 23, 2014

Silly Baby Name Conversation

I wanted to document this so I can put it in my Project Life album later.  I figured putting it on the blog would be the easiest place for me to find it later.

Brent and I haven't been seriously considering names, because we were waiting to see the gender first.  Our friend Kendall was telling us that she originally wanted to name her first child Dylan, but her mom didn't like the name, so ended up picking something else.

Brent: "I actually like the name Dylan."
Me: "It reminds me of 90210."
Brent: "Why do you think I like it?"

I told Brent that I was kindof partial to either S or B names.  S for either a strong name, since our last name is Smith.  Or a B name, because in my family, there's Bruce, Brien, and Brent.  My brother and SIL also picked Bennett for a boy's name if they have one.  We always thought my little brother Michael should of gotten a B name too, lol.

Brent: "For a strong name, Steve Sanders Smith.  For a B name, Brandon Walsh Smith."

We were laughing.  And just for the fun of it, we added in David Silver Smith, and Dylan McKay Smith.

Back in 2012 at Winter CHA, we got the opportunity to meet Tori Spelling.  Brent was a good sport manning the booth, but I did let him leave to go meet Tori.  It was the highlight of his trip, since he is a huge 90210 fan.  (He's more of a fan than even me, and I watched all 10 seasons!) Even if it hadn't been Tori there, he would of been just as excited to meet someone from the cast. 

It's probably a good thing we aren't having a girl, as Brent probably would want to name her Donna Martin Smith, lol.

Don't worry, we aren't really going to name our baby after a 90210 character!  We just had a good laugh and I want to remember the moment!

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  1. That is funny Sparkle, thanks for sharing. I watched some of the early 90210 series so I recognize the names. :) Happy for Brent that he got to meet and get a picture with Tori Spelling. That was a cute looking t-shirt he had on, too!


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