Friday, February 21, 2014

Portland Baby Shower Ideas

I didn't want to have multiple showers...if people weren't willing to drive up to Seattle for my shower, I was just gonna chalk it up and say 'oh, well!'  But Brent wasn't gonna let me get away with that and now we're having 3 showers (2 personal and 1 work).  He didn't want any of the families to get mad, which is really sweet of him.

It's typical for Moneytree to hold showers for their employees, so I already knew that was a given.  Don't get me wrong, I'm really appreciative that everyone wants to be included...but I because I haven't been feeling good this whole pregnancy, it's just another thing I have to worry/deal with.

I've kindof gotten over it, lol, and I will admit I've had fun pinning stuff on Pinterest and picking stuff for the showers.  Learning to just accept it.  For my Portland shower, I decided to have a traditional shower with a tea party theme.  It reminds me of my mom, as my mom loved high tea.

I plan to do everything in my shower colors, so I was excited to see some flowers with blue and orange.  If I go the route with the mason jars, I'll get flowers to match.
When I was in the 7th grade, my mom let me throw a Valentine's Tea Party.  All my junior high friends (boys and girls) came over for lunch and it was so much fun.  All I really remember eating was cucumber sandwiches and strawberry with cream cheese sandwiches, lol.  (Brent said "ew," and said he was glad he wasn't coming to the party.  Silly boy.)  Since Anna (step-mom) is more of the traditional Asian type, I decided to have the shower at my MIL's house.  BTW, nothing wrong with that, just not the type of party I want.

I want to have a candy bar and serve lemonade in mason jars.  I found recipes for blueberry lemonade and peach lemonade, which would be more appropriate for my shower colors.
Once I saw this idea for favors, I knew I would have to do it!  I know blue and orange aren't normal nail polish colors to give away, but I'm pretty sure my friends (well, at least the ones who are the same age as I) would at least paint their toes with it.  I might just go all blue and make "It's a boy!" tags.
The only thing I'm really sad about having my showers is that Catherine (my bestie) is graduating this Spring with her doctorate and she lives in Washington, DC.  While I'm so excited for her, I'm sad she won't be here to host and celebrate with me. 

With Easter being late this year, my friend Kendall only being 2 weeks pregnant ahead of me, Mother's Day, and Memorial Day, it's been quite the challenge to plan my showers.  But I think I've worked it all out.  I just need to get in gear and get some stuff done, lol!  I hope you all have a great Friday, it's almost the weekend!

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