Thursday, February 13, 2014

Nursery Ideas for Bean

We find out tomorrow if it's a boy or a girl...but regardless of gender, Brent and I already agreed on turquoise, grey, and orange for the nursery.  I'm leaning towards adding some navy accents, but if we find out we're having a girl, I'll probably add some pink accents.

Since I've been so sick, we haven't started on the nursery.  Brent and I plan to start in a couple of weeks (we're getting some help to move our furniture), so once we're done, I'll show pictures of the completed room.  For now, I just want to share what ideas I have and what I'm envisioning.

I originally wanted to painted the accent wall grey and do the nursery grey and green, but Brent wasn't really into it.  I love turquoise though, so I'm still pretty happy with the color combo.  We're going to paint one accent wall turquoise and wanted to give you an idea of the color. :)

In the last year, I've really gotten into the color grey.  It's times like these when I miss my mom (really, I miss her all the time, especially since I've been so sick) and I wish I was a seamstress.  If my mom were alive, she would of been able to sew me a whole crib set!

But at least I have Etsy, lol.  I have decided on doing the bed skirt grey with white polka dots and a plain white sheet for the mattress.  I've gone back and forth on the bumpers...and for now I've decided not to get bumpers for the crib.  If I change my mind, I can always buy them later.  I'd hate to spend a lot of money on them and then never use them. 

The grey bed set below is a picture to show the fabric choice I want.  The second crib is the crib I actually own.  On December 26, 2012 (yes, you read that right), Walmart had a huge baby sale.  This was when I was in the mist of my great couponing days...and this Graco crib was on sale for $99.97 and the mattress came with it free.  People thought I was crazy for buying it, since I wasn't even pregnant at the time, lol...but I can tell you now, we are pretty happy I did.  The crib alone retails for about $180.00, so that was quite a bit of savings including the free mattress. 

I'm not really doing a theme, but you'll notice that everything I picked out is either chevron or polka dots.  I decided that since I was going with such bold prints, I didn't want to clutter the room with another on-going theme.  But I couldn't resist this really cute owl pillow, so you might see a few other owls as I put the room together.

I've decided that I want a grey chevron pillow (the orange one below is just to show you the style), the turquoise love pillow, and the orange owl pillow for the crib.  I know I can't really have pillows in the crib with baby, but for now it's really just for decor.  We also have a double guest bed in the nursery, so the pillows can go the bed. :) you think I'm a bad mom for making the baby have the bed in it's room when I have my own craft room, lol? 
Brent's grandma got us a rocking chair.  I'm going to be ambitious and paint it grey (like the blue one below).  It'd be awesome to paint it turquoise, but since I'm painting the wall that color, I figured grey would be better.  I also want a pillow for the chair, so I'm gonna do white with orange polka dots.

I want the ottoman to be navy with white polka dots and turquoise piping.  But if we find out we're having a girl, I might change my mind about it.  We'll see.
For the boppy cover, I want it to be white with orange polka dots.  For the changing pad, I want it to be turquoise chevron.  I haven't quite decided if I want a valance for the window or not.  I already have blinds on the we'll see.  (The blinds are beige, which match the beige/brown carpet, so the turquoise might just look funny.  Not gonna spend money to buy new blinds.) But if I do decide to, I think it'll be turquoise chevron too.  The window is on a white wall, so it should be find.

If I keep the navy, I may order the diaper caddy as is.  I was originally thinking of just having it completely orange and white polka dots. 

Normally, I would be up for DIY projects, but feeling nauseous all the time has really put a damper on that.  I was ready to just pay up and buy a new dresser, lol.  I love my husband, but he cannot paint.  And I'm waaaaaaaaaay too picky!  Brent really just wants to buy one from Goodwill or Craigslist.  Again, normally I wouldn't care, except that means I will most likely have to paint it.

I kept poking around and found these wonderful little gems.  With re-doing my craft room, I actually have an extra white IKEA Expedit sitting around in my house.  We would just need to buy the drawer inserts, legs, and some cute knobs.  I think this will be a great compromise.  Not a lot of money and less painting for me to do.  Remember, I'm already committed to painting the rocking chair and the turquoise accent wall.  Brent will actually help me paint the wall, I just have to do the edges. :)

Like I said earlier, since we also have a double bed in the nursery, we're considering taking the closet doors off and putting the dresser inside of the closet.  Once baby grows out of the crib, we can replace the crib with the dresser and put the closet back together.  I think this will really give us more space in the room with all of the furniture we have. 
I have a peg board in my craft room.  I hang all of my embellishments on there and I absolutely love having everything right there at my fingertips.  I would of never thought to put one in the nursery, but I am also contemplating this.  I would really only do this though if we don't end up putting the dresser in the closet.

Poms are so popular right now, but I'm only gonna put them up if we have a girl.  I know Brent will think they're too girly and I don't want to fight him on it, lol.

Well, you can tell that I've been having fun on Pinterest, even though I'm still not feeling that great.  We don't find out the gender until Friday evening, so I'll try to post again on Saturday to share our news!  I hope you all have a great Thursday!


  1. I think your ideas reflect your personality really well and will come together to be a joyful room for your baby. *Ü* I'm sorry to hear that you are still feeling not so great. :( I'm sure it makes it hard for you to fully enjoy your pregnancy. I hear you about missing your mom. She's right there watching over you though and beaming with pride, I'm sure!

  2. I'm loving all your ideas. I can't wait to see the finished room. And I totally think you need to keep your craft room. In our new house instead of having the fourth bedroom as a guest room it's my craft room.

  3. Love your ideas and can't wait to see it, lovely! You know I'm all about being gender neutral. ;)

    I miss you much and am glad to see that you and Brent have been planning your journey into parenthood. Hopefully we can come down and help with some? lol Hugs.

  4. You've got some great ideas, Sparkle. I am sure no matter what you are able to get together, before baby arrives, will be amazing. Your baby will be loved and I am so happy you are expecting, but sad you are not feeling well. Hang in there......the rewards of being a parent are wonderful!


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