Monday, February 17, 2014

Baby Smith Gender Reveal

On Friday, we had our baby gender ultrasound.  With all of our family in Portland and work and friends in Seattle, we're gonna end up having multiple showers.  (More on that later this week.)  Most of our pregnant friends have had reveal parties, but since I'm still not feeling that great, that was just another thing I didn't want to worry about, lol.

Instead, Brent and I decided to just celebrate with only the two of us at our Valentine's Day dinner.  Brent called the General Manager ahead of time and asked if they would be able to accommodate a blue or pink dessert, based on the results.  The whole restaurant staff was really excited to be part of our our special moment.

Below is a video of the reveal moment.  Brent had a dream a few days ago and in the dream, the baby was a girl.  He really thought the baby was gonna be a he was really excited when he saw blue instead!

Another waiter was kind enough to take still pictures too.  Though they aren't that great, lol, I appreciate them capturing the moment for us.  Since the restaurant wouldn't know if it was a girl or a boy until we showed up with the results in an envelope, the chef made two cakes.  Obviously, we only got the blue one, so I hope the staff got to eat the pink one!

We're getting ready to cut the cake.

Brent slicing right down the middle.  The chef actually told us to do this specifically, lol.

Brent getting really excited, since he saw blue instead of pink. :)

Really blurry and missed the kiss afterwards, lol.

Yeah, Baby Smith is a boy!

I know I'm weird...I actually don't like cake.  I won't lie, I was a little disappointed that they made us cakes.  That's pretty standard for I was hoping for something a little more unique, as all we requested was a blue or pink dessert.  But I suppose it's hard to conceal the color if it's not covered, lol.

With that though, the cake was actually amazing.  It was blueberry!  And this is from a girl who doesn't like cake, lol.  Brent was pretty impressed with me eating it!

Well, that was our excitement for the weekend.  Though today is a holiday, I'm back at work.  I hope you all have a lovely Monday!


  1. Congratulations! I must have missed it, but did you guys send the restaurant the sealed info? Cuz you guys didn't know right? If so, that's such a cool way to do it!

  2. Congratulations! Boys rock! (I am the mother of two boys!)

  3. What a fun way to find out! And I am impressed at your eating are a mom, we sure do a lot of things for our kids that we never thought we'd do. The video sure was cute.too! Congratulations!!


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