Friday, February 7, 2014

2014 Winter CHA Recap

It's been almost a month since I left for CHA...and yeah, I'm just finally getting around to sharing it.  Baby is doing good, but overall, I'm still not feeling that great.  I'm almost 18 weeks now and I'm learning to accept (my word for 2014) I gotta get stuff done before bean comes, whether I feel great or not, lol.

I realized the other morning that this was my 6th CHA that I've attended.  I'm kindof sad that this will be my last one for awhile.  But as always, I had a wonderful time and enjoyed the time away from work and everyday life.

After spending 2 days at Prima Art*Venture, I met up with +Ashley Newell , +Vanessa Middleton , and her friend Tricia for dinner at California Pizza Kitchen.  (I'm waiting on a group pic from one of the gals I took classes with, so I'll share more about Art*Venture later.)  I've been friends with Vanessa forever, as she's one of my CTMH friends!  It was good to see everyone and catch up!

+Thanh Vo  flew in Friday afternoon and I went to go pick her up from the airport.  We spent the lovely sunny and warm afternoon eating a late lunch at In-N-Out!  We don't have them in Washington and Oregon, so every time I get a chance...I always eat at In-N-Out!  Animal style and a neapolitan shake!  I promise I'm still eating healthy during my pregnancy, lol! 

+Suzanne Bier's flight got delayed due to the crazy snow storm in Chicago.  We decided to lay low that night and just wait for Suzanne to get in.  The next day we hit the show as soon as it opened!  It was fabulous to spend the day with these great ladies! Pictured left to right is Suzanne, Kristie, Me, +Kim Yu, Thanh, and Renate.

Kristie came all this way to meet her idol Becky Higgins, so I wanted to take her to the Project Life booth first.  Kristie's dad made her a custom storage unit for all of her Project Life kits and Becky took her picture and posted it on Facebook!  It was pretty cool!  It's always a boost when your special person thinks what you did is awesome!

Since I wasn't feeling that great, I made a short list of the booths that I absolutely had to see and just did that.  Next, we went over to see Amy Tan and she was kind enough to let us do the make-n-take early!

Of course I had to make sure I saw Jordan at Basic Grey.  Plus Thanh wanted to go meet Kelly Purkey, since she didn't get to last year.  And while I love Kelly's new line that is coming out...Highline was my favorite of them all!

I just love the bright colors!  I can't wait to get this line!

We also stopped by the Operation Write Home booth to say hi to Sandy.  When Suzanne still lived in Seattle, she was part of our craft group.  It was nice to get the local gals back together for a pic!

After the show, Leanne, Kathy, Chris, and Chuck came to meet up with us for dinner and it was a great night!  At Joe's Italian Ice, I had vanilla ice cream and mango shave ice.  It was soooooooo good and made me miss Hawaii! 

The next day, I wasn't really feeling that great.  After 4 full days, I was exhausted.  I spent most of the day sitting in the Buyer's Lounge.  But I did manage to get in a few pics. :)  Me and my twinsie...we didn't really plan the polka dot thing, it just kindof happened, lol.

I snuck this pic with Suzanne right before I left to fly out to Las Vegas.

And since Jessica didn't make it out this year (her little one was only 6 months)...Thanh and I did a homie pic in her honor.  I'll be staying home next year (since my little one will only be 6 months, lol) I guess Jess and I can reconvene our CHA tradition in 2016!

My trip got cut short, since my MIL turned 60 this year and we threw her a surprise birthday party in Vegas!  My trip got cut even more by being pregnant and sick, but eh, I'm still glad I went and saw everyone! 

I didn't do to much by the time I got to Vegas...and honestly the only pictures I took there was of the gardens in the Bellagio, lol.  I did want to mention though, I was able to spend a lovely day with +Shaela Odd before she had Mira and before she moved to Utah.  She took me to In-N-Out (again!) and a fun boutique shop Charming Charlie.  It was really great to spend some time with her!

With 5 birthdays in the last few weeks, I actually have been crafty!  I went to Stamp Night last week with +Sandy Allnock and Susan, and I got inspired to actually make something.  I haven't crafted a lot since I got pregnant, so it was great to jump back in.

Once I get the photos edited...I should have a few more posts for you.  I also have shower and nursery ideas to share...and we find out the gender on Valentine's Day!  Well, I hope you all have a lovely Friday!  It's almost the weekend!! 


  1. Great recap of your adventures! Thanks for sharing. I do hope you start feeling better soon, although I'm sure it's a relief to know despite not feeling all that great, the baby is doing well. Hugs!

  2. Sounds like a great trip. I do hope that you will start feeling better soon and I'm super excited to hear what the gender is.

  3. Aww good times & awesome pictures! It was soo awesome to see you and the girls. So glad we got to hang out and so very excited for you guys! Yay! Hope you're feeling better!!


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