Thursday, February 27, 2014

Seattle Baby Shower Ideas

For our Seattle shower, we decided to do a couples shower.  Since I'm doing a traditional one in Portland, I thought it would be more fun to do something more casual.  Plus, Brent has quite a few friends where I'm not necessarily that close to the wife.  My friend Dawn, who lives in Issaquah, was generous enough to host for us.

My friend Sheila, who is part of my monthly craft group, is an amazing baker!  I'm gonna have her bake hamburger cupcakes and hopefully she can pull these hot dogs on a grill cupcakes too.  They're just hot tamales and orange sprinkles, so it shouldn't be too hard! :)

We'll probably just do plastic silverware, but I totally want to buy bags and dress them up like these pictures below.  The chevron bags will probably be the cheapest and I will make baby shower tags instead of birthday ones.

For food, we're just gonna do burgers and hot dogs.  Of course I'll set it up all nice and have all the fancy fixings. I've actually never had a nice and cutesy BBQ, lol.  Which is kindof surprising, since I am so crafty and what not.

And lastly, for favors, I just thought this was the cutest thing ever.  You can buy these hand sanitizers for $1 each at Bath and Body Works, so this isn't an expensive giveaway.  This would even be cute to do as Valentines or stocking stuffers!

On Etsy, I found a template where you can design your own labels and they'll fit on the B&BW bottles!  I'm sure I can find some cute BBQ image to put on there and 'Thank you from the Smiths'. 
Well, that's all I really have to share with you all.  I know we're gonna need a ton of Thank You cards coming up, so hopefully I can get crafting again!  I hope you have a wonderful Thursday!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hello Sunshine Prima Kate Doll Birthday Card

My little sister turned 8 on January 28th and this is the card I made her.  (I know it's super late, but better than never, right?)  While I was at Prima Art*Venture, I got some of the Julie Netting doll stamps.  Mixed media isn't really my thing, but I did enjoy the classes and do something a bit different for me.  Since I have the new dolls that haven't even gone on sale yet, I figured I might as well get some good use out of them! :)

I know missing body parts can sometimes be creepy, lol.  Brent's first question to me was, where's her face?  He also said, I think Emily's gonna ask you the same thing when she opens it.  Regardless, overall, I think the card came together nicely.  I've been too sick to enjoy my newest Basic Grey paper pad, so I decided to use it.

I ended up getting Emily DVDs this year for her birthday, since she didn't really ask for anything.  She's still really into Disney Princess stuff, but I always feel like I'm buying her the same stuff, lol.  Well, I hope you all have a lovely Tuesday!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Silly Baby Name Conversation

I wanted to document this so I can put it in my Project Life album later.  I figured putting it on the blog would be the easiest place for me to find it later.

Brent and I haven't been seriously considering names, because we were waiting to see the gender first.  Our friend Kendall was telling us that she originally wanted to name her first child Dylan, but her mom didn't like the name, so ended up picking something else.

Brent: "I actually like the name Dylan."
Me: "It reminds me of 90210."
Brent: "Why do you think I like it?"

I told Brent that I was kindof partial to either S or B names.  S for either a strong name, since our last name is Smith.  Or a B name, because in my family, there's Bruce, Brien, and Brent.  My brother and SIL also picked Bennett for a boy's name if they have one.  We always thought my little brother Michael should of gotten a B name too, lol.

Brent: "For a strong name, Steve Sanders Smith.  For a B name, Brandon Walsh Smith."

We were laughing.  And just for the fun of it, we added in David Silver Smith, and Dylan McKay Smith.

Back in 2012 at Winter CHA, we got the opportunity to meet Tori Spelling.  Brent was a good sport manning the booth, but I did let him leave to go meet Tori.  It was the highlight of his trip, since he is a huge 90210 fan.  (He's more of a fan than even me, and I watched all 10 seasons!) Even if it hadn't been Tori there, he would of been just as excited to meet someone from the cast. 

It's probably a good thing we aren't having a girl, as Brent probably would want to name her Donna Martin Smith, lol.

Don't worry, we aren't really going to name our baby after a 90210 character!  We just had a good laugh and I want to remember the moment!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Portland Baby Shower Ideas

I didn't want to have multiple showers...if people weren't willing to drive up to Seattle for my shower, I was just gonna chalk it up and say 'oh, well!'  But Brent wasn't gonna let me get away with that and now we're having 3 showers (2 personal and 1 work).  He didn't want any of the families to get mad, which is really sweet of him.

It's typical for Moneytree to hold showers for their employees, so I already knew that was a given.  Don't get me wrong, I'm really appreciative that everyone wants to be included...but I because I haven't been feeling good this whole pregnancy, it's just another thing I have to worry/deal with.

I've kindof gotten over it, lol, and I will admit I've had fun pinning stuff on Pinterest and picking stuff for the showers.  Learning to just accept it.  For my Portland shower, I decided to have a traditional shower with a tea party theme.  It reminds me of my mom, as my mom loved high tea.

I plan to do everything in my shower colors, so I was excited to see some flowers with blue and orange.  If I go the route with the mason jars, I'll get flowers to match.
When I was in the 7th grade, my mom let me throw a Valentine's Tea Party.  All my junior high friends (boys and girls) came over for lunch and it was so much fun.  All I really remember eating was cucumber sandwiches and strawberry with cream cheese sandwiches, lol.  (Brent said "ew," and said he was glad he wasn't coming to the party.  Silly boy.)  Since Anna (step-mom) is more of the traditional Asian type, I decided to have the shower at my MIL's house.  BTW, nothing wrong with that, just not the type of party I want.

I want to have a candy bar and serve lemonade in mason jars.  I found recipes for blueberry lemonade and peach lemonade, which would be more appropriate for my shower colors.
Once I saw this idea for favors, I knew I would have to do it!  I know blue and orange aren't normal nail polish colors to give away, but I'm pretty sure my friends (well, at least the ones who are the same age as I) would at least paint their toes with it.  I might just go all blue and make "It's a boy!" tags.
The only thing I'm really sad about having my showers is that Catherine (my bestie) is graduating this Spring with her doctorate and she lives in Washington, DC.  While I'm so excited for her, I'm sad she won't be here to host and celebrate with me. 

With Easter being late this year, my friend Kendall only being 2 weeks pregnant ahead of me, Mother's Day, and Memorial Day, it's been quite the challenge to plan my showers.  But I think I've worked it all out.  I just need to get in gear and get some stuff done, lol!  I hope you all have a great Friday, it's almost the weekend!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Birthday Wishes Birthday Josh Card

Gosh, the first part of this year has just flown by!  Around here (Seattle) it's been quite exciting with the Seahawks winning the Super Bowl and the Olympics going on.  I can't believe it's already been 4 just feels like Brent and I went to the last ones in Vancouver!

Our nephew, Calvin, turned one on January 28th (the same birthday as Emily, my little sister) and since I was lacking creativity at the time, I decided to CASE myself.  I made a card similar to this last year for our friends' son who turned one last year.
When Brent saw the card, he said, it's Seahawks colors!  I didn't do that intentionally, lol, I just colored the image to match the paper pack.  I do like how it all came together and I didn't even sew on the card!  How unlike me!  But since I wasn't crafting at home (I was at Impress for Stamp Night), I just had to go with it.

Brent decided to get Calvin a baseball glove and ball.  Had I know prior, I would of thought ahead to use Baseball Oliver on my card.  We know he's still too young to really play with it, but since the Smith's are sport fans, I know his dad (Brent's twin) was thrilled with the purchase.  

Well, I hope you all have a great hump day!