Saturday, January 4, 2014

Goals and Thoughts for 2014

Typically I make work, SCRS, and personal goals.  This year will be quite different, as this year, I'm taking a break from SCRS, design teams, and school. I hope to resume all of these in 2015.  It's been hard to make these decisions, but I know they're right for my family during this time.  I'm only making personal goals this year.

I've found in years past that if I check in on my goals monthly, I hold myself more accountable and achieve more.  I plan to move forward with the same plan in 2014.

Recap of 2013:
I don't even want to get into my goals from 2013, lol. Ever since I attended my Manager's Conference in October, I haven't done anything since then, except go to work. I stopped couponing. [I will admit I feel guilty for spending so much more money!] I finished summer and fall terms of school and dropped all of my winter classes. I have 3 boxes of card kits to sell that are collecting dust in my craft room, that I haven't been in for 2 1/2 months. I didn't even send out Christmas cards people, lol!!  

But I'm getting over it. :) Though I will mention that Brent did threaten to buy store bought cards, lol. I knew once he had to pay for them, he'd change his mind. Silly man!

Okay, I'm over 2013 and I'm moving on to 2014. 

Goals for 2014:
  • Start couponing again and staying in budget
  • Exercise more
  • Create for fun
  • Spend more time with Brent
  • Project Life
  • Finish updating my craft room/homework room 
My first three goals are not new to me, and with time I'll get back where I need to be with couponing and exercising. 

With no obligations this year though, I am excited to create just for fun and things that I actually want to make.  And I'm actually considering re-dedicating myself to my Christmas Card Challenges, so we won't have to go another year without sending out cards, lol. 

Most say Brent and I are kindof a funny couple. We're both really independent people and have really different interests.  So to some, it seems like we do a lot of things apart with our friends. And in some sense, we do. But we also do a lot together by ourselves. We've always made time for each other, so I don't feel like I've been missing out on anything. But since we've been fortunate to always have more freedom, we could just plan whatever, whenever. I would like to structure this more and maybe try having a set date night. 

Project Life, lol. When I went home for Christmas, all the kits were on sale on Craft Warehouse. I couldn't resist and bought the new Clementine Kit for only $20. I really miss the no tax shopping in Oregon!  I did actually go into my craft room to put it away, lol, and yeah, I have 4 half done binders and 5 kits sitting on my poor IKEA shelf. But I'm determined this year to give it another stab and see if I can get more motivated into working on ALL of my binders. :)

Though I haven't been using my craft room, my budget has been auto-depositing into my account. I have enough to buy my other table now, so I just gotta talk Brent into taking the time to go with me to get it and build it.  I'm planning on separating my room so I can craft on one side and do homework on the other. I'm excited to get my computer off of my crafting table!  Once I'm completely done with my room, I'll show pictures. 

[Just as a recap, I painted my lime green wall a warm grey this last summer. My coworker sewed curtains and a quilt for me with Basic Grey's Little Black Dress fabric. I bought matching Basic Grey frames to match my room.] I plan on getting a new shelf/cabinet, chair, and desk for my homework side. I also want some fun magnetic boards and I'm gonna make some magnets with matching BG paper. :)

I think my goals for 2014 are actually all achievable, lol. We'll see where I get with Project Life!  I don't think I'll have time, but I would also like to read a bit more. Maybe that can be just a bonus if I get to it. Well, I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!!


  1. I admire your ability to look back, analyze your goals and readjust as necessary. I wish you all the best in making your goals a reality in 2014. Taking the pressure off a bit will most likely help immensely. Enjoy yourself! *Ü*

  2. I'm with you on being over 2013, Sparkle. I didn't send out Christmas cards this year either (still trying not to feel guilty about that) - things just seemed to fall apart the last quarter of 2013. But it's a New Year and things can only get better!


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