Monday, January 6, 2014

Books Read in 2013

Sadly, it looks like I only read 10 books last year...and the last two being read in the last 8 months, lol.  I find that by Spring, I tend to stop reading.  I wonder if it's just that I've been busy...or because the weather starts to get nicer.

I work in the finance industry, so it's pretty typically for me to read books on money and time management.  My favorite book out of all of these though, is A Girl Like You.  Murder mysteries tend to be my favorite, yet you can see I didn't read a single one this last year, lol.

But if I had to recommend one of these books, it would be Wonder.  It's a fabulous tale about accepting others, even if they are different.  It's actually a young adult book and takes place in a school setting. 

We'll see what I get done in 2014.  I already have the other two books in the Divergent series, so I do at least hope to get those read soon!  And good recommendations for 2014?!? 


  1. My daughter has read Divergent and Insurgent. She is now working on Allegiant. She got the last two for Christmas (but had checked Insurgent out of the library prior). Have you read the Matched trilogy? It's by Allie Condie. She read all three of those and really enjoyed them. I don't think you'd much like the stuff I read...inspirational fiction is the category. Sweet stories where love conquers all in the end. LOL Not that you don't like love to conquer all, but they are not gritty. I'll bet my other daughter could recommend a ton of books to you as she is a voracious reader, but her topics might be a bit young for you as she is still in elementary school. LOL

    Hope you get to read more in the coming year. *Ü*

  2. I don't really read at all so I don't have any suggestions unfortunately.


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