Wednesday, December 31, 2014

One Little Word for 2015

For the last five years, I've picked a word and goals for the upcoming year.  I find that blogging about them and keeping track each month has helped me hold myself more accountable.  I also feel like I achieve a lot more that way too.  This last year, I haven't had much time to dedicate myself to anything really.  But once we find a new home and get settled, I have big things brewing for 2015.
Recap of 2014:
This year has been full of major life changes. Having a baby. Brent getting a new job. Us moving to Portland. And honestly, it wasn't really what I wanted. I would of loved to stay in Maple Valley and let Boston grow up in our house and neighborhood. Of course I'm grateful to be closer to my family, especially since my dad is watching Boston.  I'm also happy that Boston does get to see all of his extended family regularly.   

I feel like I've made a decent effort in accepting what life has brought me, which {accept} was my word for 2014.  I was blessed with a calm boy who is a great eater and a wonderful night sleeper. He could nap during the day better, but so thankful he sleeps through the night already.  I'm rolling with the punches and trying to make the best out of everything. I'm hoping that once we sell our house and move out my inlaws house, that I can find a new normal again.
Word for 2015:
For this coming year, I've chosen {explore} as my word.  Though I was born and raised in Portland, I haven't really lived here since college. It's obviously changed a lot (so have I, lol) and I want to try to reconnect with Portland. I want to visit all the different parts of Portland. Eat at all the new restaurants. Hang out in all the cool hipster neighborhoods. Try food from the food trucks downtown. Ride the Max. (When I last lived here, there was only 1 Max line, lol.) Take the kids (I include my little siblings in this. I don't have more children, lol.) to do fun things.

Being back in Portland, I miss Maple Valley so much. I miss living in a cute suburb where I can walk to the little shopping center. Spending the last 8 years in Denver and Seattle, Brent and I have forgotten how small Portland is.  Brent has moved to two states for my career, so I feel like it's my turn to support him. And I want to spend this next year having fun exploring.
My list of words:
2015 Explore
2014 Accept
2013 Expand
2012 Sparkle
2011 Balance
2010 Strive
Do any of you have a word or resolution for 2015?  I hope you all have a wonderful and safe New Year celebration!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Beach Chloe Good Day Sunshine Card

When I was with +Sandy and +Thanh at Stamp Night, we all colored different images and posted them on Instagram for people to guess. It was quite fun actually and ironically, we all kindof used the same colors.

After a day with our monthly craft group, the three of us continued our mega crafting day by going to Stamp Night.  I was hesitant to go at first because of Boston, but Sandy kept asking...and Thanh talked me into it.  Dinner and 10% off is included, so it was a winning deal for Thanh. 

Gasp, I'm using non Basic Grey paper on my card, lol. As soon as I saw this paper pack, I knew it would be perfect for my Beach Chloe image.This was really a simple card for me to put together. I love the bright colors and makes me wish I was on vacation in Hawaii, lol.

Here's the inside of my card.

I hope you all have a lovely Saturday!  Any fun plans this weekend?  I'm taking Boston to his first Hmong New Years!  I haven't been home for a New Year celebration in years!  Even if all I get is good food, it'll be worth going. :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Uptown Girl Sandy and Her Sombrero Aloha Card

This year is the 10 year anniversary of my mom's passing. If you know me well, I make Hawaiian/beach themed cards every year to celebrate my mom's life. (She was born and raised in Hawaii. She's also buried there.) The actual anniversary was Friday, but I got busy with my first week back at work (was up in Seattle) and packing up my office.

With having Boston, it takes me three times as long to finish anything, lol. I figured I'd start making cards early this year. My friend +Thanh came down from Vancouver to visit me last month and we had a full weekend of crafting. We spent the first half of Saturday with my monthly craft group and then the second half at Impress for Stamp Night. Boston was a trooper and did great with all the ladies. :)

While on leave, I was good about not really buying new stuff...but I got this fun beach Uptown Girl and knew it would go well with one of my favorite paper packs, Soliel. It's quite busy, but I still like how my card came out.

Here's the inside of the card. I actually have about 4 pads of this paper pack, lol.  So I figured it was about time to use up some scraps!

My week up in Seattle turned out quite different than expected.  My original plan for transferring was to work up at a Moneytree branch in Vancouver, WA.  Well, after figuring out that there wouldn't legally be enough office space for me in the office and Real Estate proposing to move the wall, they decided to let me work from home. 

It took a little bit to get my computer and dual monitors all set up, but everything is going well so far! Without the commute, it's nice to have the extra time and in the future, will give us more choices on where Brent and I will actually live when we move into our own place again.

Well, I hope you're all doing well and have a wonderful hump day!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Coffee Lovers Blog Hop and Cafe Lucy Thank You Card

Welcome to the Coffee Lovers Blog Hop!  Today we are sharing creations that shows our love for our favorite cup of joe. To start at the beginning of the blog hop, please click here.  We've got quite a few companies giving away prizes along the way!  Chaitali and Amy are also each giving away a prize! Each winner they chose will receive a $15 Simon Says Stamp Gift Card!

This is the first time I've crafted since I had my baby, Boston (born at the end of June). Brent (my husband) took Boston to a friend's house to watch the Ducks game, (I'm a Beaver, so our house is quite divided.) which gave me some uninterrupted time to craft. My Basic Grey Grand Bazaar paper has been collecting dust and when I found out that Simon Says had this paper pack and coffee stamps for their card kit this made me feel cool and like I knew what's going on in the crafty world, lol. Just humor me. :)

I had a rough pregnancy (major morning sickness) and now I'm trying to enjoying my maternity leave before I go back to my corporate day job. I've been taking a long break from crafting and my rubber stamp company, Sparkle Creations Rubber Stamps (my store is currently closed this year). With the theme being coffee, I wanted to use one of my own images, and I chose Cafe Lucy. 

1. When did you start drinking coffee?  I started drinking coffee in college to stay up and cram!

2. What is your favorite brand of coffee?  Please don't hate on me, but I love Starbucks coffee. I like bitter coffee. My favorite drink is a carmel macchiato, warm or iced, depending on the weather. 

3. What is the most amazing coffee you've ever had? Do you remember where and when? I remember trying the mint chocolate chip frappuccino the summer it came out. I was at Starbucks in my local Safeway and was sad to see it leave the menu after summer was over. {You can still order it, as it's part of the Starbucks secret menu.}

4. If I don't drink my needed coffee, I really sad, lol. I went 9 months without caffeine and the day I went into labor, I made Brent stop at Starbucks before we went to the hospital. One positive thing about being nauseous during my pregnancy was that I didn't crave my daily cup of coffee.  But in the end, this little cutie was all worth it!

I can't believe that summer is over and my little guy is going to be 3 months tomorrow! Life has been quite crazy for me this summer, but will share more on that later (future posts). Overall, we're all doing well and Boston is just the sweetest baby ever. He's about to roll over any day now and he's smiling. He just started to sleep through the night a couple weeks ago and I'm going to be sad to be going back to work next month.

Well, thank you all for stopping by and hope you are enjoying the hop! To go back to the blog hop list, please click here.  I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!