Thursday, October 31, 2013

Grim Creeper Halloween Card and Trickortreatabella Card

Welcome to my fun and creepy Halloween!  Regardless of how you are (or maybe not) celebrating this holiday, I at least hope you have a little fun with me today.  My friends and I thought it would be funny to make up some creepy and stalker-ish sentiments, so I decided to do another fun little creation.  Can you believe it's been a year already since we started doing these?!?

Well, at Summer CHA, we were fortunate to get our caricatures drawn again.  Since Shaela will be moving soon, she has become my next victim, lol.  I was inspired by a cute and sweet card that my friend Sem made.  Of course I had to twist my version for this creation!

If you know me well, I'm not really a fan of yellow.  But Shaela loves yellow (especially yellow umbrellas) so I thought it would be appropriate for this project.  For you Pretty Little Liars fans, I really felt like I was having an 'A' moment with the phone texts. :)

Okay, I can't seem to break my Halloween tradition and this is my 5th year in a row making a Treatortreatabella card.  I still laugh just has hard as the first day I read this comment.  Maybe one day I'll out grow it.  (I think I say that every year, lol.) Till then, at least I'm getting good use out of this stamp!

This year I decided to put skinny jeans on Bella, lol.  I actually think this turned out adorable and I love how it has more of a fall feeling than Halloween.  With the Manager's Conference last weekend, I didn't plan on anything fun for Halloween this year.  But I will be handing out candy tonight after I get home from work.

For those celebrating, I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Halloween!  Stay warm and enjoy some candy!  Anyone have any fun costumes this year?  My friend Suzanne also made a card today too, so make sure to visit her blog!


  1. Way to share the holiday, Sparkle. Your cards are fun and festive! Hope you have a great evening. Happy Halloween!

  2. lol, super fun! Sorry I didn't play along today, but thanks for making me part of your creepy Halloween. ;) I laugh when I think of that comment too - good call on the skinny jeans!

  3. LOL Cute Shae card, Sparkle! <3

    Omg... never even thought that about the pumpkin bella... now I totally see it HAHA

  4. Both cards are super cute! Love the first one because I love that stamp and can't help but smile at the PLL reference...a guilty pleasure of mine. AND I love your Treatabella tradition too :)


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