Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sketch Saturday #273, Birthday Cheeky Geeky Card, and New York Trip Recap

ETASorry this post is up late!  I had it set to publish and I guess Blogger didn't want to play nice this weekend.

Good morning and it's time for another Sketch Saturday!  Come play along with us this week for your chance to win a prize from our sponsor Prairie Fairy Designs.  The prize this week is $10.00 to spend in the Prairie Fairy shop.

This is another image that I've had sitting around forever and it's actually my first time using this image really.  When I was up in Vancouver earlier this summer, I bought more twine and I'm finally getting around to using it!

I don't have a fence die, so for the sketch I just went with a full panel in the background.  Right before I left to go on vacation, I bought a new Cuttlebug embossing folder.  You can kindof see the polka dot patten in the paper.

I didn't make this card for anyone in particular, but it's nice to have a few extra cards in my stash.  Though it's an older pack of paper, it's still one of my favorite.

With Hurricane Sandy, there was quite a bit of damage done to Ellis and Liberty Island.  I was really nervous that we weren’t even going to be able to see the Statue of Liberty at all while we were in New York.  But with all luck, they re-opened on 4th of July!  Once I saw that in May, I bought tickets for us to up into the crown.  If you do anything while you're there, this is one of things I would really recommend.

Day 3
From the bottom of the statue, it’s 377 steps up and back down.  The amount of steps didn’t bother me, but I was nervous about the heat and humidity.  Hence, why we went so early in the morning.  Security is pretty strict and the only things they allow you to take up there is a camera and medication.  They don’t even allow you to take water up there with you and the place isn’t air conditioned.  Plus, the only bathroom is on Level 2, and the crown is Level 15, lol.  

Since we went early in the morning, we beat the heat!  If we would of came any later, I don’t think I would have been able to handle it.  The stairs are really steep and there’s only enough space for one person, so you do have to go single-file.  If you’re claustrophobic, this would not be a fun thing to do. I'm only 5'1 and a half, so you can see how close the stairs are to my head on the spiral stair case.

This was by far the best experience for me.  It was really neat to climb up to the top and see Liberty’s face.  Here in the picture, you can see her right eye, nose, and mouth.  

Here's Brent and I in the crown.  Can you tell how sweaty we are in this picture, lol?!?  There are 2 employees up there and they switch out every 2 hours when the weather is hot.  I for got to ask the guy how many people panic on their way up there!  We didn't hang out too long since the space is limited and it was humid!

Once we took the fairy back to town, we went to Ground Zero.  We didn’t buy tickets to the museum, but we did walk around the memorial.  Sadly, while we were at the Statue of Liberty, I broke my camera lens. It’s the one part of my trip that isn’t documented.  If we ever go back, next time I would like to go to the museum and check it out.

That night, we decided to go to Top of the Rock.  Space wise, I recommend people going there.  There’s a ton of space for people to walk around and really, the view is the same from all the buildings, lol.  If you were only going to do one, this would be it.  And it’s the cheapest! 

Day 4
Brent’s friend Ben from college lives in New Jersey and came with his girlfriend Riley to come meet up with us for the Yankees game.  It was great to see Ben and spend the day with them.  This game wasn’t quite as long as the Mets, lol, and afterwards we decided to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. 

The sight is wonderful and thankfully, it’s quite breezy on the bridge. This pizza place is quite popular and had a long line...but definitely worth the wait.  All in all, Brent and I do like Chicago style pizza better though.  After dinner, we stopped by a local shop to have homemade ice cream.

Day 5
On our last day, we went to Central Park in the morning.  I loved walking around and I loved how people were so kind to stop and see if Brent and I needed help getting around the park. Super gorgeous there and it seems so peaceful and magical...though you are right in the middle of the city.

Then we booked it back to Rockefeller Center and did a tour of NBC Studios.  They are strict and no pictures are allowed on the tour. But it was neat to see the studios for Brian Williams, Saturday Night Live, and the Today Show!  Then we headed to the airport and made our trek back to good ole Seattle.  It was a wonderful anniversary trip and we can't wait to go back someday!

Today I'll be up in Canada with my friend and co-worker Tami.  We're planning on going to the Farmer's Market on Granville Island and then hang out on Robson. (ETA: I was in Canada over the weekend, but I'm back home now!)   I hope you all had a lovely weekend!


  1. gotta love a cupcake card!
    Awesome guys were able to jam pack a ton of stuff in your trip!

  2. Gorgeous! You are so photogenic :)

    I wanted to ask how to join the challenge of SCRS 112? It says collection closed, but the date says it's open til 9/8 :) Thanks!

    Kelly @

  3. Stunning card Sparkle - as always. ~Deb


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