Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Uptown Sushi Girls Chelsea and Lauren Birthday Card

I bought this stamp last year in June, when we decided on a last minute crafting weekend in Vancouver...and I'm finally getting around to using it.  My friend +Suzanne Bier made me a lovely birthday card with it and I was inspired to use it.

Like Suzanne did on my card, I drew in mouths on the girls.  It's my friend +Aileen Ablog's birthday on Wednesday and this is the card I made her!  She loves purple and I love this paper pack, so a win, win!  I was just up in Canada this last weekend celebrating with her and I knew we would be eating sushi, so I thought this would be appropriate!

I always have such a great time with Aileen, +Peggy Toole, and +Thanh Vo!  We sadly missed our partners in crime Suzanne and +Shaela Odd!  We were all together at CHA and it's hard to realize that 6 month has blown by already!

To celebrate, one night we went to dinner at Guu.  It's a fun Japanese place that serves food tapas style.  We had quite the variety and boy, was it all delicious!  Here's a picture of our sashimi salad with guu sauce.  This quote was on the back of the chopsticks wrapper. 

We pretty much spent most of Saturday shopping all the craft stores in town.  I bought a ton of embellishments, lol, and one really old Basic Grey paper pad.  That night, we went to the Richmond Night Market.  Since you all know Brent is a duck, I just had to get a quick pick of me with me.

Okay, so the story about my dear friend +Thanh Vo, lol.  When I was at the border crossing, I was asked why I was coming up to Canada for the weekend.  I said I was coming to see my friend.  The officer asked, "Who's your friend?"  Which I responded, "Thanh Vo."  My friends thought is was just funny, so we're running with it, lol. 

Whenever we're together - it's good company, coffee, food, and fun!  I love these ladies and can't wait to see them all again.  I hope you all have a great Tuesday!

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