Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Grim Creeper's Stalking Into Summer Blog Hop

Hi all...it's time for another fun and creepy Grimm Creeper's blog hop and our theme this time is "Stalking Into Summer!"  Half of our group loves the show Pretty Little Liars {which is just as creepy!} and to show our excitement for the summer premiere, we decided to do another hop.

As a reminder, my friends and I thought it would be funny to make up some creepy and stalker-ish sentiments.   Our first hop was on Halloween and our second hop was on Valentine's Day.

ETA: I'm so sorry that this got posted so late.  I got sick yesterday and am home from work today.  I hope you've enjoyed all of the other creations!

So, carrying over my theme from last time...I decided to use this picture of 2 of my friends, along with the handsome boyfriend that we obtained at CHA, lol.  I just saw these ladies this last weekend, so I can't wait for them to see this.  I've actually been planning this card for months!

It was really quite the challenge to photoshop this guy in, but I do have to pay myself on the back as I think it came out pretty good!  I hope you all have a wonderful hump day!

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