Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Merci Michele Thank You Card and Book Review: A Girl Like You

My friend +Shaela Odd bought me the Copic book I've been wanting for my birthday.  I've had a fun time playing around with the different skin and hair combos that come in it.  I look forward to seeing Shaela this summer. :)  This is the thank you card I made her.

I bought this stamp oh, maybe 18 months ago?  And I still haven't used it...until now.  But I do love it, as Paris is my favorite city so far that I've visited.  To me, it just fitted Shaela's style, plus I know she likes yellow.  Here's the inside of the card.

Well, I haven't read at all this month, but as I was trying to reach my goal for my 30s list, I do still have a couple more book reviews hanging over from March.  I hope to start reading again soon!

I absolutely loved this book!  This book is about a girl who breaks up with her boyfriend that she's been with forever.  She's learning how to date again and her new roommate who is  a guy and player, teaches her how to date like a guy.  It's a fun journey through all her bad and silly dates.  She ends up falling for a guy and he ends up cheating on her with another girl.

Shes heartbroken and gets sick in China.  Her roommate comes to help console her and makes sure she's well taken cared of.  In the end, she and her roommate end up together.  All together, this was a fun and entertaining read.  I turned 30 last year, and the books talks a lot about having to go to a ton of big birthday parties for another person's 30th.  I found it amusing, lol.

Well, I hope you all have a great hump day!

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