Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mahalo Ukulele Josh Card and Book Review: The Age of Miracles

At Christmas time, my cousin Stef and her family sent Brent a Warriors jersey shirt.  Both of my parents attended University of Hawaii and we visited the campus while we were in Hawaii last summer.  Though this is quite belated...this is the thank you card I made for them.

This book isn’t my typical read, but I did enjoy it.  I do wish the ending had been different, but overall, still an interesting book.  

It’s about how the earth’s rotation has changed, so it makes the time of each day longer and longer.  At first they adjust the day to the new time, but soon after revert back to what they call “real days,” which is a 24-hour time period.  It gets to a point where the sun doesn’t rise for almost straight two days and its pitch black all day through normal life, work, school, etc and vice versa.  Trying to sleep through 48 hours of sunlight, people are covering their windows with special blinds.  Guess it’s just a little taste to see how Alaska lives, lol.
There are rebel colonies where the people follow the rise and setting of the sun, but once the hours between those stretch out too far, many people get sick.  I mean, who can stay up for 24 hours and still function normally?

The main story is about a 11-year old girl who lives in California and shows what happens to her life and family.  She loses her best friend, her dad is having an affair with her piano teacher, and she falls in love with the class’s troublemaker.  Animals start dying and people are getting sick from not being able to adjust.  Her mom constantly has headaches and worries too much.  The world starts to panic, as they think people will start dying off next.  
With the weather being so weird, they’re not able to grow crops outside traditionally anymore. Everyone is forced to grow crops indoors with lamps.   She notes things in the story like, ‘that was the last time I ate pineapple,’ etc.  The book is written in the past tense, so I thought that either she dies or they save the world at the end.  Neither is true, lol…but if it’s one thing I got from this book, it’s a good reminder to appreciate the life we have now…as it can always change in a split second.  

I hope you all have a fabulous hump day!


  1. Your card is super cute and fabulous coloring.

  2. Very cute card! And thank you so much for book review!


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