Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Blessings to You Expecting Emily Card and The End of Google Reader

Brent left last Wednesday to go to Arizona for Spring Training.  I let him take my camera and my iPad, oh my.  I forgot how dependent I've become to these things, lol.  Well, I forgot to take my SD card out before he left, so I wasn't able to post this card.  I made this for Sarah to go along with her diaper cake.

Though this is late news, I’ve known since 2 weeks ago when Google announced that they would be retiring Google Reader in July.  I think it’s a shame and what surprised me is that from all the articles and reviews that I’ve read, Google Reader is the #1 RSS feed reader.  There are mixed emotions all over, as there’s people trying to petition to keep Google Reader and optimists who believe that this will finally give competitors the chance to really grow and expand.  

I’ve only been on Blogger since 2008, but I’ve been blogging since 2001.  Through the years, I’ve tried Feedblitz, Feedburner, sending them to my email, using the reader through Blogger, and even bookmarking every single blog I read. 

Google Reader has always been the best option for me.

I like how you can see which articles you’ve read and haven’t.  I like that I can make different folders for different blogs that I read.  I like that Google Reader syncs with virtually anything, lol.  When I moved to more mobile devices, I always thought that they would create an app for it.  Guess I know now why they never did.  They’ve been cleaning stuff off Google since 2011, so this was coming a long time ago.  I use the app Feeddler Pro and it runs and looks very similar to Google Reader.  Though it syncs to my Google Reader currently, they have announced that they will not disappear once Google Reader does.  

That makes me happy, since Feeddler Pro allows me to save my articles to Evernote.  I use this to sort out my couponing stuff and ideas for things I’d like to cook or try someday.  I know many people use Pinterest for this, but I can find/search things better on Evernote.  

Now, Feeddler and Evernote both have free options, but I paid for the full version of Feeddler Pro.  Feedly made a huge announcement that they’ll be creating a copy of the Google Reader, so if you sign up with them, everything will just transfer over.  I tried using Feedly, but my main thing is that I can’t save out to Evernote, so I’m staying with my Feeddler Pro.  The only con to this, is that there’s no desktop version of this, so I guess blurfing will become an iPad/iPhone only thing for me. 
I do plan on exporting the hundreds of blogs that I’ve collected over the years before Google shuts it down in July.  Will you be switching your reader soon?

I hope you all have a great Tuesday!


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  1. Super cute card! Isn't it funny how we don't often notice how much we use something till it's gone? Hopefully you won't miss your camera and ipad too badly. ;)

    I don't follow a ton of blogs, so I can take or leave Google Reader. I'm glad you found something that you can use when it's gone :)


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