Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Blessings to You Expecting Emily Card and The End of Google Reader

Brent left last Wednesday to go to Arizona for Spring Training.  I let him take my camera and my iPad, oh my.  I forgot how dependent I've become to these things, lol.  Well, I forgot to take my SD card out before he left, so I wasn't able to post this card.  I made this for Sarah to go along with her diaper cake.

Though this is late news, I’ve known since 2 weeks ago when Google announced that they would be retiring Google Reader in July.  I think it’s a shame and what surprised me is that from all the articles and reviews that I’ve read, Google Reader is the #1 RSS feed reader.  There are mixed emotions all over, as there’s people trying to petition to keep Google Reader and optimists who believe that this will finally give competitors the chance to really grow and expand.  

I’ve only been on Blogger since 2008, but I’ve been blogging since 2001.  Through the years, I’ve tried Feedblitz, Feedburner, sending them to my email, using the reader through Blogger, and even bookmarking every single blog I read. 

Google Reader has always been the best option for me.

I like how you can see which articles you’ve read and haven’t.  I like that I can make different folders for different blogs that I read.  I like that Google Reader syncs with virtually anything, lol.  When I moved to more mobile devices, I always thought that they would create an app for it.  Guess I know now why they never did.  They’ve been cleaning stuff off Google since 2011, so this was coming a long time ago.  I use the app Feeddler Pro and it runs and looks very similar to Google Reader.  Though it syncs to my Google Reader currently, they have announced that they will not disappear once Google Reader does.  

That makes me happy, since Feeddler Pro allows me to save my articles to Evernote.  I use this to sort out my couponing stuff and ideas for things I’d like to cook or try someday.  I know many people use Pinterest for this, but I can find/search things better on Evernote.  

Now, Feeddler and Evernote both have free options, but I paid for the full version of Feeddler Pro.  Feedly made a huge announcement that they’ll be creating a copy of the Google Reader, so if you sign up with them, everything will just transfer over.  I tried using Feedly, but my main thing is that I can’t save out to Evernote, so I’m staying with my Feeddler Pro.  The only con to this, is that there’s no desktop version of this, so I guess blurfing will become an iPad/iPhone only thing for me. 
I do plan on exporting the hundreds of blogs that I’ve collected over the years before Google shuts it down in July.  Will you be switching your reader soon?

I hope you all have a great Tuesday!


Friday, March 22, 2013

Uptown Girls Victoria and Juliette's Night Out Birthday Wishes Card and Book Review: Bringing Up Bebe

Today is my friend Katie's 30th birthday.  She lives in Chicago, so I'm not sure what she's doing to celebrate, but I hope she has a fabulous day!  She's a teacher, so I'm sure her class will be darlings! :)  I haven't seen Katie since Christmas, but she does plan on visiting this summer, so it will be great to see her then.

We're college friends and sorority sisters, so it's always fun to catch up with her when she comes to town.  When I'd go to Chicago for Summer CHA, I'd go a visit her there too.  Though I'm happy to go to Vegas this summer, I was a little bummed not to be going to Chicago and visiting Katie.  Here's the inside of my card.

Even though I won't read all 13 books on my bookshelf before my birthday, I've been reading like crazy to get as close as I can, lol.  Though I'm not a Mother yet, I've heard great things about this book and I really enjoyed it.

It's about an American lady who moves to Paris with her English husband.  While living there, she has 3 children and this is her story of raising them and learning the French ways.  Before I praise the French about some things, I want everyone to remember that I'm proud to be an American and proud to have the rights that I do.

I'm not sure what kind of taxes people pay in France, but they get awesome daycare benefits.  It's certified people taking care of their children in centers that are paid by the government. They make it so much easier for parents to go back to work and I do wish the US did have better options that don't cost an arm and a leg.  When Brent and I do have children, we'll be paying a lot for daycare. :(

My dad is from Laos, which was colonized by the French.  My dad did all of his schooling in French until he came to the United States.  Bliatout is even a French name, lol.  While reading this book, I realized I was raised this way...and didn't even know it. :)

I'm not really sure if my parents didn't pick me every time I cried as a baby, to see if I would just fall asleep again, but the other core values I can vouch for.  French people give their babies formula much more than breast feeding.  None of my siblings or I were breast fed, so I'm totally for formula.

They believe that even babies still need a little bit of alone time.  My mom always told me that I loved to cut out shapes from a young age.  She would leave me with a magazine and I would cut for hours.  My craftiness came very early, lol.  My mom said while I was doing this, she could nap, clean, and cook dinner. 

It's really important for French people to greet people.  I always say hi and bye, no matter where I go or leave.  I won't leave a party without saying bye to host or finding my friend, etc.

My parents always just fed me what they were eating, once I could eat solids.  Sure there are things I won't eat, but my brother and I really aren't that picky.  Nor are Michael and Emily.  The French eat 4 meals a day and they all eat on this schedule.  This is the only thing from the book that I disagree on.  I would only eat in bites as a child, so my Mom fed me often.  As an adult today, I eat 5 times a day...and not to be bragging, but I only weigh 98 pounds and I'm healthy.  I think it just depends on the individual and baby. 

They tend to eat a lot of fruit for dessert, and my dad has done this everyday of my life.  Even if we eat ice cream/cake or something special for a birthday or holiday, we always still eat fruit with it.  I never thought it was different until my friend Jenn commented one day that every time I ate something sweet, I always ate fruit with it, lol.

I would recommend this book to any to anyone who is a Mom or wants to be a Mom.  Even if you don't agree with it, I think it's always fun to learn about different cultures and what they do.

I hope you all have a lovely Friday!!  It's almost the weekend!!


Monday, March 18, 2013

SCRS Challenge #100 - Sketch Challenge and Birthday Josh Card

Welcome to Week 2 of Sparkle Creations Rubber Stamps Challenge #100!  We appreciate you taking the time to join our challenge and look forward to seeing your creations each week. You have until Sunday, 03/24/13 @ 9 PM PST to play along with our current challenge which is:

Our challenge is open to all players. Every 2 challenges a random winner will be chosen, and the winner will receive a SCRS rubber stamp! In order to qualify for a prize, you must use a Sparkle Creations image on your creation. Most importantly, have fun! We can't wait to see your creations!

On Saturday, we went to Jackson's first birthday party.  Brent use to work with Jon and they've stayed friends, though Jon works for Amazon now.  I just love this color combo and I can tell I will love this paper pack! 

To play along in our challenge, upload a photo of your project and provide a direct link in the linky widget at the bottom of this SCRS post. If for any reason the linky isn't there, please add a link to your challenge creation in the comments below. If you use an online gallery (e.g. Splitcoast), please also use the keywords SCRSC100 and SparkleCreations (no spaces). If you have a Facebook account and are a fan of Sparkle Creations Rubber Stamps, you can also upload there. Deadline for challenge #100 is Sunday, March 24th @ 9 PM PST.

I hope you all have a great Tuesday!