Thursday, February 14, 2013

Grim Creeper's Valentine Blog Hop

Welcome to our fun and creepy Valentine's Day blog hop.  Regardless of how you are, or maybe not celebrating this holiday, I at least hope you have a little fun with us today.  If you remember, my friends and I did our first Grimm Creeper blog hop for Halloween.  My friends and I thought it would be funny to make up some creepy and stalker-ish sentiments, so we decided to do another fun little blog hop.

I wanted to surprise my dear friend with this fun creation, so I can't wait to see her reaction!  I found this fun image on Google and knew the binoculars were just perfect for this!  Sooooo fun, lol.  If you don't remember, we got our caricatures drawn at CHA and I used my friend's in the image. :)

Tonight after work, Brent is taking me to dinner at Buenos Aires Grill, in downtown Seattle.   We'll be wearing our matching pink and black outfits for the occasion.  Brent was the one who decided on pink, lol, so I'm rolling with it.

Next on the hop is my lovely twinsie {Thanh}!  I hope you all have a lovely Thursday and a fabulous Valentine's Day!


  1. ROTFLMAO and OMG!!! I really can't stop laughing and getting creeped out at the same time!! Seeing it in b&w is one thing but colour, well it adds a whole new dimension.

    Happy Valentine's Day!!



  2. OH MY CREEPY! That is hilarious! I love the expression on his face :)

  3. tee hee...made me giggle. Off to check out everyone else's creations!

  4. Muaaahhhh ha ha ha ha
    I love that you used the caricature in the binoculars!! These grim creeper blog hops are fantastic!!

  5. Bwahahahaha I love it! I really wish I could have played along again, but next time...

  6. Your image with those binoculars is PERFECTION in the creepy category! LOVE it!! Have fun in Seattle!

  7. Such a fun card and it's definitely a creeper.

    Enjoy your night tonight.

  8. You know, seeing it in color makes it that much more fun...wicked cool! Can't wait for our next stalker hop! <3

  9. Hiiiiiiiiiiiii Twinsie! I hope you're having a great night out with Brent.

    OH. EM. GEE. Luckily I wasn't drinking something when I saw this or else my laptop would be COVERED in liquid. I had a quick boo at everyone's blog this morning just to peek at the cards and I was still half asleep in bed. I got to yours and was like "omg... Sparkle that image is perfect. omg! That's one of of our caricatures! OMG. IT's ME!!!"

    Well played, well played, my friend. Love you so much.

  10. Bwahahahahahahaha!!! Totally love this. And I loved reading Thanh's comment, hehehe - SO PERFECT!! :D


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