Saturday, February 2, 2013

2013 Winter CHA Recap

I just haven't had time to type and edit my my photos.  Sorry that this post is so late!!

I had such a fabulous time down in Anaheim.  It's always a pleasure to see all of my crafting friends and spend time with them!  I posted all of my pictures on Facebook, so if you would like to see more, here's the link to the album.  It's open to the public, so anyone can view it, even if you don't have a Facebook account.  Here's a big group shot of us on the first day.

Favorite CHA Moment:  I missed Ali Edwards last year, so it was definitely a must to meet her this year.  She is much taller in real life, lol, but such a down to earth person.  Being an Oregonian, I've always had a soft spot for Ali.

Favorite CHA Kindness Moment: My friend Kristie from craft group is a HUGE Project Life fan.  This is her 5th year doing Project Life.  All Kristie wanted was a business card, but when I ran to the booth, they had run out.  One of the girls working in the booth told me to come back in a little later.

And who came and found me?  Why Becky Higgins herself did...and she was so sweet to sign a picture of herself for Kristie!  It's so refreshing to see such famous people take time out of their day and do such a kind gesture...and not even for me, but for someone who wasn't even at the show.

Favorite CHA Silly Moment: I met Amy Tan last year, but since Thanh wanted to go meet her, we jumped in and she wanted to take a silly photo.  It was great...but sad with no Kelly Purkey this year.

Favorite CHA Dressed Up Picture: LOL...we were at the Graphic 45 booth and there were no mirrors.  We just grabbed props and snapped a picture.  We were laughing at Thanh's headgear choice ALL night.

Favorite CHA Gangsta Moment: CHA isn't complete with Jessica and I doing our annual Gangsta picture.  We get meaner and meaner each year, lol.

Favorite CHA Yay Moment: Oh, silliness...what would life be without my lovely friends?!?  Thanh and I took this first one just to be silly Asian tourists...

 Then Jessica decided to photo bomb us, lol.  And take our Yay signs.

Favorite CHA Picture: Again, LOL.  Thanh and Suzanne were making fun of me and Jessica for taking our gangsta picture and this what they came up with.  I laugh hysterically every time I see it, even now, as I'm trying to type this.

One thing I don't have and I wish I a picture of me, Shaela, and Peggy...who I shared a room with.  Summer CHA is in July and I'm excited to stay Shaela, since she lives there.  Catherine will also be coming out, so BFF plus Vegas will be SUMMER LOVE!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!  Brent and I are going out to dinner with friends and as usual, I'm trying to catch up with life!


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