Thursday, January 31, 2013

Arigato Thank You Tea Set Rin Card and Goal Updates

Oye, I've been so behind, but I still have quite a few Christmas Thank You cards that I need to send out.  We did Secret Santa at work, but my boss baked us all goodies and gave me a gift card.

This time around, I went with a more simple design for the inside of my card.  I love this line of paper and I love how it goes so well with Rin!

This month has just flown by!  I can't believe it's the end of the month already, so it's time to check in with my goals.

My Day Job Goals
  • Vault Teller Manual - ALL
  • Designated Trainer Kits - USA
  • Assistant Manager Training - ALL
  • Management Training for myself
I've been super busy with new Compliance stuff for Western Union and updating our worksheets to be in compliance for Title and Installment Loans.  I haven't touched any of my wants, but at least I've been productive.

Sparkle Creations Goals
  • More cost effective
  • Monthly Sales Goal
  • More time with my team
  • Card Kits
While at CHA, I bought all the new lines of Basic Grey paper.  Once the first paper packs come in, I will be working on my first set of card kits! :)

Personal Goals
  • Project Life
  • Spend $2,220 on groceries, household items, beauty products and newspapers for the year
  • Time Management
  • Be more healthy
I started my new Project Life album, but I haven't quite finished all my layouts for this month yet.  I printed out these weekly calendar/planning pages and I've been journaling everything I do everyday.  It's been nice to keep track of my everyday movements again and really helps when I go to put my layouts together.

I spent over $100 of my budget this month.   There were some really good deals that I just couldn't pass up on.  I bought enough toilet paper and hair dye for the whole year, lol.  I found great deals on oatmeal, diapers, wipes, Kleenex, and cotton rounds.  I hope to buy less in the next couple of months to even it back out.

I read this book (will do book review later) and by blocking out my time more efficiently has been helping me with my time management.  I've been so busy running around though, so I guess it's organized chaos, lol.

I have been doing really well with being more healthy.  I've been to the gym at least twice a week this month and it's been nice to get more reading in time as well. 
30 Things I Will Do This Year
  1. Read all the books in my stash
  2. Visit my mom's grave
  3. Try bikram yoga
  4. Go zip lining
  5. Visit my BFF - I won't see Catherine until July, but we have our trip planned.  This kindof sortof counts, lol.
  6. Profit with SCRS
  7. See the Canucks play live - With all my wishing, the NHL came back a couple of weeks ago.  My sweet friend +Aileen Ablog got me the hook up and I got tickets for my birthday weekend!!  Brent even bought me a Kesler jersey!
  8. Save over $1,000 from couponing
  9. Make a card kit class - Like I said above, I bought all the paper and embellishments at CHA.  When I get the pic, I will show you all the girls in the booth with me and my sales rep Justin.
  10. Actually finish my Project Life
  11. See a play
  12. Take a college class
  13. Learn to cook something new
  14. Take more pictures
  15. Print more pictures - I'm actually doing the point where I'll actually need more photo paper for my Selphy that Brent bought me for Christmas last year.  I'm happy I'm getting more of my Project Life done.
  16. Use more technology
  17. Cherish people more
  18. Pay off my car - Winner, winner, chicken dinner!  I paid off my car right after the 1st of the year!
  19. Plan something fun for our 5 year anniversary - With 4th of July being a Thursday this year, we knew we could get a long weekend for our anniversary.  We had such a hard time finding a place on the West Coast to go, since Brent really wanted to go back to Vegas...and I'm going for CHA two weeks after our anniversary.  I was contemplating going back to Hawaii since Brent loved it so much, but he finally made the decision that we're going to New York! :)  I love my husband...
  20. Play free bingo
  21. Create more for fun
  22. Make more scrappy cards
  23. Join the Alpha Xi Delta Alum group
  24. Wear earrings more often
  25. Execute Operation Beyońce - we have fun with Beyońce at work, can't give our prank away, lol
  26. Make chicken cards
  27. See my friends more
  28. Do another 5K
  29. Work on my garden
  30. Make more time for my team.  I truly love these ladies!!
I'm exactly half way through my list!!  I'm still really working on #1 and my goal is to start #3 after Valentine's Day.  The only other thing I must do this year is take this Copic class.  The closest one to me will be in Portland, so should be easy peasy for me to do.  Well, I hope you all have a great Thursday!  It's way too late now, so I'll be back tomorrow to add my card deets.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Magical Birthday Wishes Your Highness Lucy Card

Monday was my little sister's birthday.  Can you believe she's 7 already?!?  Since she's still really into princesses, I of course used my Lucy stamp for her card.  Purple is favorite color, so instead of doing a Cinderella theme, I went with the purple.

On Black Friday, I was able to get a fabulous deal on a Rapunzel dress set.  I saw on Facebook that the Disney Store has crazy sales in the middle of the night and they did not disappoint!  I was also down in Portland, so it was a bonus not to pay sales tax.  I got her a Cinderella dress last year, so I wanted to do something different.  Here is the center of my card.

I've been extremely busy at my day job...and my SIL had her baby on Monday.  It's only Wednesday and it's quite a week already, lol.  More on life later...but I hope you all have a great hump day!


Thursday, January 24, 2013

With Deepest Sympathy Butterfly Card

Right before I left to go to Anaheim, one of my co-worker's dad passed away unexpectedly.  Her parents live out in Colorado, so she's been out there for the last week and a half.  I haven't talked to her since she left, so I hope that her family is staying strong and doing okay.

ETA: I gave this card to Susan as soon as she got back.  For the circumstances, everyone is doing well.  Though all the kids live out here on the West Coast, her mom as a lot of friends and support in Colorado Springs.  I'm happy to hear that her mom is doing okay. 

I tend to use birds, butterflies, and flowers for sympathy cards.  Since #22 on my 30 Things I Will Do This Year list is to make more scrappy cards, I didn't stamp a main image.  I can't seem to find my Rubber Cafe butterfly stamp and it's driving my crazy, lol.  Here's the inside of the card.

I hope you all have a great Thursday!  I'm finally all caught up on my shows and excited for Grey's and Scandal tonight!