Saturday, December 29, 2012

Top 10 Highlights of 2012

I've done this the last 2 years and I think it's fun to look back at the year.  I like things to be in  chronological order, so I just number and list them in that order. :)

1. Winter CHA/Anaheim, CA (January) - I had such a blast exhibiting and visiting all my crafty friends.  It was exhausting to work the whole show, but definitely worth the experience and exposure! Jess and I take gangsta pics every year, so of course this is our tradition!

I'm so excited to be going back to Anaheim in January!  In 15 days I'll be leaving on a jet plane and can't wait to see all my crafty friends!  I know you're also ALL looking forward to seeing more of Flat Peggy, lol...and Real Peggy is coming with me this year! :)

2. Seattle, WA/Vancouver, BC (April) - Right before my birthday, some of my crafty friends came into town for the Copic certification class and just to have a good time!  I still don't know how I managed to go to Canada and fly to Mexico within 24 hours and no one thinking it was suspicious, lol.  Spending time with my crafty friends is the best!

3. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (April) - This was Brent and I's first time to Mexico.  We went with most of the Smith family, as Brent's parents own a time share down there.  They didn't go last year, as they celebrated their 30th anniversary in Hawaii.  Since they skipped a year, they were able to bring double the people.  Though this is such a random shot, it's my favorite from the whole trip.

4. Couponing Deals (June) - The best deal I got this year was 26 tubes of toothpaste for $2.21.  I gave away about half of it to mine and Brent's immediate family we only have 10 tubes left in my linen closet. :)  Though it seems deals aren't as good as they use to be, I'm really hoping to save more this year!  And I learned that I don't like the Deep Action kind, lol.

5. Brien and Myra's Wedding (August) - My brother got married this summer and Brent and I were both in the wedding.  It was such a lovely wedding and I'm so happy for them!

6. Meeting Jenny Lawson (August) - Can you believe she's the first author I've ever gone to a signing for?!?  It was a fabulous experience, though a long and hot summer night in a book store with no air conditioning and lots of people, lol.  For someone who is deathly afraid to speak in front of people, she's such a hoot and was so kind!

    7. Hawaii (August) - Getting the opportunity to visit my mom's grave was a blessing!  I know Hawaii is awesome, but it's not really that gloriously to me, lol.  I spent summers growing up there with my grandparents and while it's a place everyone should see, I think I'm just someone who likes to visits and see different things.  The best thing about Hawaii is definitely the food!

      8. Department of the Year (November) - We won Department of the Year at our annual Manager's Conference.  It was truly a surprise and an honor.  You all know I love my team and my job. This is a picture of my friend and co-worker Tricia.  She works in our legal department.  We had a photo booth at the cocktail dinner, so we had some fun with the props.

        9. Wicked (November) - I was lucky to get free tickets from work to see this show.  The picture below is from my favorite scene in the musical.  This was my first time seeing Wicked and I absolutely loved it.  I haven't read the book, so maybe I'll tack it on to my 2013 list. :)

          10. Civil War/Corvallis, OR (November) - Brent and I made the drive down to Corvallis, OR to see our big rival game in person this year.  I haven't been to Corvallis since the year after I it was a trip down memory lane!  Oh, they've remodeled so much of it and campus is looking so much nicer!  Sadly, my Beavers lost, but I found this awesome hat at 4:30am while out shopping on Black Friday!

          I look forward to the adventures 2013 will bring for me.  So far it's looking like 2 CHAs, getting to see my BFF, and Brent and I will also be celebrating our 5 year anniversary!  Let the new year ring in!


            1. Great recap of your year, Sparkle. I like how you explained each photo you shared. Let 2013 be another awesome year for you!

            2. Looks like 2012 was a great year for you.

            3. wahooooo for 2012:)

              I'll see you at CHA...if not at the local Starbucks:)

              Happy New Year!!


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