Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Celebrates Anya Card and Goals Update

It's my friend Shannon's birthday today and this is the card I made her.  Shannon was one of my roomies in college and I hope to visit her when I go home for Christmas.  I colored Anya to look like Shannon and this image is great, since Shannon is actually quite tall in real life. :)

I didn't take a picture of the inside, since I wrote her a personal note.  I hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday and regardless of who you're rooting for...I really do hope that you go and vote!  It's always sadden me that only 10% of my age bracket votes.

Okay, now to the more personal stuff.  I haven't checked in with my goals for the last 2 months.  Though its past the first, I don't want another month to go by. 

 Sparkle Creations
  • Get new wholesale accounts
  • Sales goal for each month - January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
  • More efficient in costs
  • Teach card classes  
A couple of weeks ago, I collaborated with some great people and I have some FUN and GREAT things coming for 2013.  I'm so excited, but I won't be sharing until the new year.

  • Take Yoga classes
  • More efficient in costs - January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
  • Project Life
  • Utilize my iPhone
  • Visit my mom's grave
I went over my $150 for the month...but since I've spent less other months, my average for the year is still at par.  At $150 per month, I should be at $1800 for the year.  It's November and I have $350 left to spend...which means I'm still $50 under budget. 

I spent $256.49 for October.  A big part of that was that I had guests over...and I must remember that Coke sales run really good this time of year.  I stocked up on 150 cans of soda and 24 cans of shaving cream, lol.

30 Things I Will Do This Year
  1. Read all the books in my stash
  2. Visit my mom's grave
  3. Try bikram yoga
  4. Go zip lining
  5. Visit my BFF
  6. Profit with SCRS
  7. See the Canucks play live
  8. Save over $1,000 from couponing
  9. Make a card kit class
  10. Actually finish my Project Life
  11. See a play
  12. Take a college class
  13. Learn to cook something new
  14. Take more pictures
  15. Print more pictures
  16. Use more technology
  17. Cherish people more
  18. Pay off my car
  19. Plan something fun for our 5 year anniversary
  20. Play free bingo
  21. Create more for fun
  22. Make more scrapy cards
  23. Join the Alpha Xi Delta Alum group
  24. Wear earrings more often
  25. Execute Operation Beyońce - we have fun with Beyońce at work, can't give our prank away, lol
  26. Make chicken cards
  27. See my friends more
  28. Do another 5K
  29. Work on my garden
  30. Make more time for my team.  I truly love these ladies!!
Since the last time I checked my list...I have completed #2, #8, and #23.  I only have 6 more months to seriously tackle some of this stuff!  Obviously, with our trip to Hawaii, I was able to visit my mom's grave.  For the year, so far I have saved $1401.14 with coupons and store sales.

In September, I joined the Seattle Alpha Xi Delta Alum group.  When I lived in Denver, I was really active with the group and I've missed it.  With Suzanne getting ready to move (tear, tear), it motivated me to get socializing and making yet a new group of friends.  I had a wonderful and positive experience being Greek.  All of my college best friends were in the sorority with me.

It's more than just partying.  It's always bothered me how you never hear about all the community service hours we do, how we require a 3.75 GPA, how we give thousands of dollars towards scholarships each year.  All you hear about is the person who died because they were drinking too much.  (Which happens if you're Greek or not.)  Always having a group to belong to where ever you move to, has been a blessing for me. 

And can I complain about #7?!?  The NHL is on FREEZE, so it's not looking good for hockey this year.  Hopefully, they'll still have a half season so I can make this a reality!!

 Bucket List
  • Visit China
  • Visit Laos
  • Visit all 50 states - Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Illinois, Pennsylvania, West Virgina, Virgina, Montana, Wyoming
  • Visit Europe 
  • Go to the Olympics 
  • Go to every Disney park - Disneyland, Disneyland Paris 
  • Get published in a magazine
  • Get my Masters degree
  • Create all day, every day
I haven't done anything on my bucket list this year.  Sadly, I went to all states I've been to before.  Though I did go to Mexico, which was new for me.  Just wanted to post it as a slight reminder for the big picture in my future.


  1. Great card, Sparkle, your friend will love it! I've not been part of a sorority and I really appreciated your heartwarming commentary. Sounds like a wonderfully positive organization! Enjoy your involvement. Thanks for sharing your goals, even if you haven't been able to strive for as many as you may have hoped. Having them in mind is a step in the right direction.

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Your card is darling. And good job for the goals that you have met.

  3. oh my word this is adorable...

  4. Beautiful card! Those big Anyas scare me, lol. And yay for checking in!! It makes me feel better knowing that your 30 things and Bucket list are as little-crossed-off as my own, hahaha. :) But yay for what you HAVE accomplished!!


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