Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy American Thanksgiving and a Scrappy Thank You Card

Our company's President gave our department head some tickets to Wicked!!  Unfortunately some people weren't able to go, so my boss Cheryl and I were able to bring our loving spouses with us.  These were the best and closest seats I've ever had at any play!  I really appreciated them, as I'll probably never be able to afford seats like that myself. 

And this came as a true #11 on my List of 30 Things I will Do This Year is to see a play. I've never seen Wicked before, but it was fabulous and I loved it!  Glinda doing Elfaba's makeover part my favorite!  Hair toss, hair toss, lol!

I wanted to thank Aggie for the great tickets...especially since both Brent and I are both company employees.  To make more scrappy cards is #22 on my list and I love how this came together.  I'll admit, this card took me longer to make a complicated, detailed, colored card that I typically make, lol.  And there's hardly anything even on this card. :)

With trying to speed up crossing off stuff on my list, lol, I signed up to do my next 5K in December, which is #28 on my list.  Moneytree is one of the sponsors, so I can participate for free...which helps the pocketbook!

I know I won't make it all by April 5th, but I'm hoping to still get around 25 of them.  I haven't started thinking about my 2013 goals or word yet, but I'm sure they will form and come to mind soon.  Overall, though I can't say my year has necessarily been productive...I definitely have had a ton of fun!

30 Things I Will Do This Year
  1. Read all the books in my stash
  2. Visit my mom's grave
  3. Try bikram yoga
  4. Go zip lining
  5. Visit my BFF
  6. Profit with SCRS
  7. See the Canucks play live
  8. Save over $1,000 from couponing
  9. Make a card kit class
  10. Actually finish my Project Life
  11. See a play
  12. Take a college class
  13. Learn to cook something new
  14. Take more pictures
  15. Print more pictures
  16. Use more technology
  17. Cherish people more
  18. Pay off my car
  19. Plan something fun for our 5 year anniversary
  20. Play free bingo
  21. Create more for fun
  22. Make more scrappy cards
  23. Join the Alpha Xi Delta Alum group
  24. Wear earrings more often
  25. Execute Operation Beyońce - we have fun with Beyońce at work, can't give our prank away, lol
  26. Make chicken cards
  27. See my friends more
  28. Do another 5K
  29. Work on my garden
  30. Make more time for my team.  I truly love these ladies!!
Just a little reminder that I'm having a Black Friday sale this weekend in the SCRS store.

I will be spending the day at the Smith's...and then the evening with the Bliatout's.  I'm gonna rally and go shopping at midnight until I'm done on Friday morning. :)  Please be safe and may you get the best deals!!  Shopping tax-free this holiday season is the bestest!!

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  1. your scrappy cards!

    Wicked...I checked out the tix prices and decided against going...tooo expensive with the kids:(

    You totally finish up your shopping? You Go Girl! I usually buy for myself...LOL.


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