Saturday, November 24, 2012

Civil War Football Game and Cheerleading Emily Card

As most of you know, Brent and I are a divided house.  He's an Oregon Duck and I'm an Oregon State Beaver!  Today we're bearing the cold and watching the game live!  Since we moved to the Seattle area, it's been a lot harder for us to come to games.  Since I knew Brent would really enjoy this, I surprised him with tickets at the beginning of the season.

I colored an Oregon Duck Football Josh image too...but I didn't get the card done in time.  I really didn't do that on purpose...but since I got sick, I got quite behind on my crafting.  I also used the pom-pom tutorial and my Halloween twine to make these fun accessories!  That's the beauty for me...Halloween colors never get old. :) I never expected my team to be so good this year. but it's been a pretty exciting year in college football for us.

The Ducks had their first lost last weekend and we're playing at that's all we have going for us.  I'm really hoping my Beavs can come on top today!  Even if we don't, we'll end the season with 9 wins and that's really not too shabby. :)


  1. I love how your card turned out Sparkle! Especially love the pom-poms!!

  2. This card is SUPER cute!! I am so sorry our team did not win...In my family we are divided too... my kids and current hubby LOVE the Ducks, I think they are over rated, myself and ex hubby like the Beavers!!! We live in Portland area so you know how big this game is around here!! lol! Tfs!!

  3. Love your card- those pom poms are awesome!! :) I hope you enjoyed the game - and I hope you're feeling better! :)


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