Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Shopping and Shopping Emily Card

Aside from my birthday, today is my favorite holiday, tee-hee!  It's always been a tradition for me to get up early and go shopping all day.  With all the stores opening earlier and earlier each year, it's actually working to my favor.  I'm a night owl and saying up all night is MUCH easier for me than forcing myself to wake up early.

I'll be shopping for myself and I'll be doing ALL of my Christmas shopping as well.  I'm also excited to be shopping tax-free this year!  It's like getting an extra 10% off. :)  My cousin Joice asked me to make her a variety of cards, so this is really for her to give to one of her friends.  But I just wanted to use Shopping Emily, since it seemed appropriate for today.  Here's the inside of my card.

Today is the beginning of my Black Friday sale.  With so much going on this weekend, I wanted to celebrate it all, so everything in the store will be 30% off through Cyber Monday.

After I sleep a little bit, Brent and I will be heading down to Corvallis for the big game!  I haven't been down there since the year after I graduated.  I'm excited to see much it's changed since I was down there and see old friends! 


  1. Excellent work on the card. Happy Day After and best of luck with your shopping today. Have fun with all your plans!

  2. Your card is super cute, perfect for today. I hope you had fun shopping and enjoy the game.


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