Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Miss You Hula Lucy Card

Every year on my mom's passing anniversary, I make a Hawaiian card.  Can you believe it's been eight years already?  Just like life, at moments it seems so short, yet sometimes so long ago.  If you would like to hear my story about my mom, it's written in this post, which was written 3 years ago. 

I still have quite a few Hawaiian cards from this summer to share with you.  I forgot how long it takes to write a bunch of posts, edit photos for all of them, and put in all the product links.  Maybe it'll give me a little sunshine through the grey Seattle sky. :)

Here's a picture of my mom's grave when I went to visit her and my grandparent's this summer.  Though Hilo is known to be rainy, it was quite sunny and hot when we went to go visit.

I hope you all have a great hump day!  Can you believe Halloween is only a week away?  I still need to buy candy for the neighborhood kiddos...or I'll be handing out rubber, lol.  As I always say, tell all your loved ones that you love them and cherish the moments you have with them!



  1. Such a pretty card Sparkle. Beautiful colouring and love the bits of glitter.

    P/s: I'm sure you still feel the pain of her passing. Take care and remember all the positive things about the times you had together.

  2. Sparkle, I really like this tradition you have of making cards in honor of your mother. It really touches my heart. I am sure your mom smiles each time you share. This card is a beauty for sure. I'm happy for you that you got to stop by her final resting place and show your love in person.

    I know (all too well) how hard it is to lose your mom and I hope that as time has passed that you are remembering good times and the love over the sadness. Hugs!

  3. Your card is beautiful. And I love all of them around your Mom's grave.

  4. Such a lovely card and such a nice thing for you to do to remember your mother.

  5. Sparkle - what a beautiful card and even more so for the tradition you keep! I just read the blog entry you attached about your Mom. Soo sorry for your loss and what a touching entry! ((The picture of your Hawaiian themed cards at your Mom's grave site is soo precious!))


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