Monday, September 10, 2012

Grace and Hope Sing Sunshine Card

Before I left, I scurried to make a bunch of Hawaiian cards.  But then I ran out of time and my photos didn't get edited.  By the time I got to Hawaii, my internet situation wasn't the greatest and gave up on posting while I was gone.  The pro, I have lots of fun stuff to post now! :)

I haven't used this stamp is years...and sadly, she's retired.  But a fabulous stamp in my Hawaiian stamp stash.  This isn't my typical style of card, so I kept debating back and forth whether I actually liked it.  My friend Suzanne had to help convince me. 

Our first stop in Honolulu was Pearl Harbor.  Though I don't have any pictures of it, my favorite part was looking at all the different missiles that they used during the war.  I couldn't even begin to imagine having to move those on a ship.  It's amazing how fast technology has changed today. 

Well, I hope you all have a great's back to work for me!  I've been restless waiting for all of my shows to come back! :)


  1. Well, it's a darling card:)

    love the pics and welcome back!

  2. Sparkle this is such a darling card! I know it's not your usual style but it's adorable!

  3. What a beautiful card--LOVE your coloring! LOVE everything about this:)

    Looks like you guys had a great time on vaca--fun pics!


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