Thursday, September 13, 2012

Aloha Happy Birthday Hula Girl Lucy Card

It was my friend Jenn's birthday yesterday.  She's also going to Hawaii this fall, so I decided to be festive and make her a card with Hula Girl Lucy.  I've seen a ton of cards with no black lines and I finally jumped into trying out this technique.  It's doubled my coloring time, and I'm not sure if I'm really into it or not, lol. If you wanna try, I would really recommend using a less detailed image.

For the inside of the card, I decided to use Lucy's partner in vacation, Ukulele Josh.  Graphic 45 isn't really my style, but I knew as soon as I saw this paper pack, I needed to have it. 

My cousin Stef and her family took us up to the North Shore.  There were turtles out, so it was neat to see them.  After playing at the beach, we stood in a huge line for shave ice!  I forget how popular it is, lol.

Of course the coffee lover that I am, I needed to get the new Hawaii gift card.  Stef got us leis as soon as we got in and Brent wanted a picture of us with them before we left.  Though we only had a couple of days in Oahu, it was great to see my cousins!!

I hope you all have a great Thursday!  Who's ready for Grey's and Person of Interest to be back?!?



  1. Great card. I love the look of no black lines.

  2. OHHH! I love the clear lines--FUN! Beautiful birthday card! And look at those pics--looks like you had a ton of fun!!

  3. looks cool but doubling your coloring time?!

    Great pics!!!


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