Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pretty Cool Swimming Lucy Card and Wedding Pics

I've had this image colored and sitting in my room for months.  She gets used so often, you would think I would have a ton of sample cards of her.  But I don'  So I decided to make this card for my CHA display pile.

With Brent and I going to Hawaii soon, I hope to enjoy my time like Lucy is!  I've been so good about posting on my blog lately, so I hope I can keep up!

At the wedding, I was a bridesmaid...which meant I couldn't run around with my camera.  This is the only photo I've seen of Myra, my SIL, so far.  Isn't she just gorgeous?!?  I've been stalking Facebook, but I doubt any of my Aunts who took a million pics actually have Facebook, lol.  The professional pics will be up in a couple of weeks, so I'm sure by the time I get back to Hawaii, it'll be great to look at them.

Here's a quick photo of my brother and I, while Myra was getting her pics taken.

While the professional photographers were taking pictures of Brien and Myra, we snuck my iPhone into Brent's tux and took some pics. :)  It was actually the MOH's idea!  Which was brilliant really.  Here's all the lovely bridesmaids!

And here's Brent and I.  We walked last, so in case Emily and Michael wouldn't walk by themselves, we were there.  Em freaked out at the last minute, so we ended up having to walk the kiddos down.  But they did great for the rest of the ceremony.  Michael did throw a little fit once he figured out that he didn't have the real rings on his pillow. :)  I can't wait to see the video of the wedding.

And here's me with Emily and Micheal.  I love my bitty siblings oh so much!  Em is starting First Grade and Michael will be in Kindergarten.  Time just always goes by so quickly.  My mini me is almost half my height, lol.  And I'm wearing heels!

I have more pictures posted on Facebook and they're public, so you don't need to have a Facebook account to see them.  Overall, it was a fabulous wedding and I'm really happy for my brother and SIL.  Hope you all have a great hump day!


  1. Your card is amazing, Sparkle. I love the bright colors and the wonderful DP.

    And thanks for sharing the pic´s. Isn´t Michael a cutie ? What a sweet little boy !

  2. Love the card, and the pics! :)

  3. Your card is adorable and all the wedding pics look great.

  4. SUPER beautiful! I LOOOOOOOOOOVE how you made your image on a diag! LOVE LOVE LOVE! I think this would be perfect for the Ribbon Carousel challenge (summer theme!)!!! FUN!

    And I LOVE your dress for the wedding--you look gorgeous:)

  5. awesome card and super gorgeous wedding pics!!!!!

    thanks so much for the fab happy mail:)

  6. hey there Miss SparKle!!
    It's been awhile, I had to stop by and say hello! You look beautiful girl! So does your card (as usual!!) much love...xOxO


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