Monday, August 13, 2012

Forever and Always Mr. and Mrs. Wedding Card

My brother Brien got married this weekend!  Brent, Michael, Emily, and I were all in the wedding.  Myra and Brien picked purple, silver, and black as their wedding colors.  I don't tend to use purple that much, but I thought my Plumeria paper would be perfect for this.

I was super excited to see a lot of my family and cousins!  I haven't seen most of them since my grandma's funeral, so it was nice to see them on a more joyous occasion.

I'll be back soon to share pictures of the special day.  I hope you all have a great Monday!  It's back to work for me!



  1. Sparkle, this is really brilliant and elegant at the same time. Super sweet image and your coloring is amazing !

  2. Gorgeous card! Congrats to your brother and new SIL!

  3. Beautiful card! Can't wait to see pics :)


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