Thursday, June 21, 2012

Surfing Oliver Card and Coupon Savings

Though it's old...this is one of my favorite paper packs!  I've been so busy with wedding stuff for my brother, I just haven't had time to post this.  I also lost another co-worker this life has been once again shuffled and a bit chaotic.  I actually made this card 2 weeks ago!  I'm trying to beef up my card pile, so here's another card for me. :)

I've had these cloud dies since last July, when I went to Summer CHA and got them personally from the MFT booth.  My, how time flies!  Sadly, I won't be heading to Chicago this year, but I am planning to be in Anaheim for sure in January!

Last week, I got 26 tubes of toothpaste for $2.21...which was all sales tax. They were on sale at QFC, 10 for $10, making them each a $1. With $1 off coupons, it made them free plus $0.085 for sales tax.  This has been the first time I've been able to get toothpaste for free, since I don't really shop at drugstores.  But I think now that I've gotten a better hang at this stuff, I'll do all the crazy multiple transactions at Walgreen's and Rite-Aid. 

So, I promise I'm not a hoarder, lol, well at least not for personal care I may hoard stacks of 6x6 paper and embellishments! :)  But obviously this is WAY too much toothpaste for Brent and I.  I gave half of it away to my family, as Brent went to Portland for Father's Day weekend. 

With them being free, my QFC was limiting them 5 per person...which is kindof funny since they were labeled 10 for $10.  I traveled to the QFC in Kent and got more, as they weren't limiting the amount you could get.  I knew they would sell out so I had to get them quickly...otherwise I would of made Brent just buy them in Portland with no sales tax, lol. 

At my QFC, the regular price is $3.29 a tube.  At regular price, I would of paid $85.54 plus $7.27 in sales tax.  With just the store sale, I would of paid $26.00 plus $2.21 in sales tax.  By only paying $2.21 after coupons, I had a savings of $90.60, which is about 98%! 

I'm personally a Crest girl...but this is Brent's favorite kind of toothpaste.  My favorite is the plain and original cavity Crest that never goes on sale and is always excluded from coupons, since it's at a lower price point.  Guess I'll be switching over to Aquafresh for the next 2 years, lol.  I hope you all have a great Thursday!


  1. LOL...check out all that toothpaste!

    LOVE your cards...awesome colors.

  2. Love the card and all the blues. Great job on the toothpaste. That's so awesome.

  3. What a GORGEOUS card Sparkle! Your coloring is so vibrant and fabulous! LOVE these papers with him!

  4. I can't figure out how to do couponing so well.. I need to find a blog that does all the figuring for me, haha. Love the card, though! :)

  5. That is indeed A LOT of toothpaste,lol! Good for you!

    Fantastic masculine card! I adore the papers you used, they are perfect for this image! Love it!

  6. FABULOUS card! LOOOOOOOVE your papers and coloring! AMAZING as always, Sparks:)

  7. Sparkle, welcome to coupon craziness. While we can't really extreme coupon in Canada, we have a few stores that will let us stack coupons. I just had a Colgate coupon frenzy last week. I am also a Crest girl, but when something is FREE, I'll make a change. My 16 yr old son commented how we won't be needing toothpaste for at least a year!
    I love your card, it is nice and bright.

  8. You made me laught with your toothpaste. LOL

    Absolutely darling card- and these colors - just great !

  9. Beautiful! Love the rich colors with Ollie!


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