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Cabo Recap and Book Reviews: I've Got Your Number and On the Island

I was off 11 days...aside from my honeymoon (2 1/2 weeks in Europe), I can't remember ever being away from work for so long.  While I was gone, I managed to read 2 1/2 books.  I started my vacation with hosting a few friends who came into town for the Copic Certification class. 

While in Seattle, we went to the Space Needle and had a wonderful lunch at the Crab Pot.  Then we had a wonderful Japanese dinner to celebrate my belated birthday.  The next morning, we all headed up to Vancouver, BC and spend that day at Granville Island.  It was great to see my crafty friends more than just at CHA every year!

Everyone left on Sunday and early Monday morning {4:30am} Brent and I headed down to Cabo.  No one at customs thought it was weird that just 2 days ago I was in Canada and now I was in Mexico, lol.  That definitely would of been a red flag for me...just saying. :)  But hey, I did make it to CHA with a paper piercer in my purse too. 

I don't have a lot of pictures.  I brought my Canon and my iPhone.  BIG MISTAKE.  I should of brought my point and shoot.  We were on the beach every day and 1.) was scared that sand would get into my camera and 2.) that someone would take it.  3.) No one can take pictures with my phone. :(  Every picture that Scott (Brent's twin) took came out blurry.  4.) Lastly, no Japanese tourists down here to take pictures for me, lol.  I gave up taking pictures after Day 2. 

I've always wanted to go to Mexico, but until now, I just haven't had the opportunity.  Plus, I know it hasn't been the most safest place to go lately.  My in-laws have a time share down there and go to Cabo every April.  Last year was their 35th anniversary and they decided to take a trip to Hawaii instead.  This year, they could opt to go twice or have double the amount of people come.  They chose to have the whole Smith family come all together.

We rode a glass bottom boat and went to visit another beach by the famous Arch.  One side is called Lover's Beach and the other side is Divorce Beach, lol.  You can't swim on the Divorce side, but I love that you stare into blue ocean and blue sky. 

Here's a picture of us at the bar at the resort.  They have happy hour everyday from 3 to 4, and it's my MIL's ritual to get get mango margaritas. :)  I also had some Miami Vices (half strawberry daiquiri, half pina colada), Sunsets (half strawberry margarita, half mango margarita), and Dirty Monkeys (kahlua, banana rum, and pina colada). 

I am usually very good at taking pictures of my food...but I totally failed this time.  My favorite was eating the local food.  We found this place called The Crazy Lobster.  Best steak and lobster dinner and only $15...$188 pesos.  I was daring and ate tacos from the taco stand in town.  I also got mangoes and cucumbers from someone selling them on the beach.  They peel and slice it up for you right then and there.  It was so delicious!!  And no getting sick!! But I think I can handle more than most.  :)

Overall, the trip was good.  My SIL drives me a bit batty, but I loved my time in Cabo.  We did the boat ride, went snorkeling, rented wave runners, went shopping downtown twice, and went out late two nights.  If I ever go back, I think I'll just hang at the beach and relax more during the day. 

I started reading The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo series.  I've read book 1 and am half way in the second book.  I love this series, but I wanted much lighter reading for my trip.  Once I finish the trilogy, I will post my review.  I totally went chic lit while I was gone.

Book #1
I've read every book Sophie Kinsella has written...even her books written under her real name, Madeleine Wickham.  Buying her books at full price is a splurge for me, but I just couldn't resist and I don't want to wait til next year when it comes out in paperback, lol.  By far, this is one of my favorites from her.  I was laughing hysterically through out the entire thing.  People on the beach kept looking at me!!

This book is about a girl, Poppy, who is engaged and loses her engagement ring at a tea party. The fire alarm goes off and with her friends taking turns trying on her ring, it gets misplaced. During this time, her phone gets stolen, lol, and she sees a phone in the garbage can. Since she needs a number to be contacted at, in case anyone finds the ring, she takes the phone.

The phone actually belongs to a company and the personal assistant quit their job and threw it into the garbage can. One of the executives from the company comes looking for the phone and because Poppy is still waiting to hear back about her ring, she talks him into sharing the phone and she'll forward all his messages, etc. that his PA would of done. In the end, Poppy helps Sam with a business scandal and they fall in love.

I don't want to ruin the whole book for you, but my favorite parts are when Poppy sends pictures to Sam of gross teeth, because he refuses to set up a dentist appointment and when they go and get a fake replica ring to replace her engagement ring.  All the jewelry ladies think they're getting engaged and of course they want to see what they picked out.  The ladies are trying to hide their disappointment when she comes out with a fake emerald, lol. 

Book #2
This next book was on Amazon's Top 100 list and it was only $2.99 for the Kindle version.  It's about a teacher who takes a summer tutor job and is suppose to spend the summer in Male with her student's family.  TJ is a cancer survivor is trying to make up most of his junior year in high school.  His parent's thought that peace and quite away from his friends on a tropical island, would be good for him.

Anna is 30 and TJ is 17 when this story starts.  On their way to Male, their pilot has a heart attack and crashes their plane into the ocean.  They get washed up onto one of the million islands that surround that area and learn how to survive.  This book is completely fictional, but it makes you feel like it's so real.  While they're on the island, 9/11 has occurred and the dreaded Tsunami in 2004.

Because of the Tsunami, they are finally rescued from the island after 3 years.  During this time, TJ has become a man and they have fallen in love.  Once they return to Chicago (home), it's quite difficult.  Both of Anna's parents passed away while she was gone...all of TJ's friends are now in college.  Their relationship is complicated, but in the end, they make it work and start a family, regardless of their age difference. 

And just for the record, nothing happens between TJ and Anna until he's almost 19.  So there's no weird stuff going on, lol.  Though of course the media does try to claim abuse from her when they get home.  I really enjoyed this book and it was quite an easy read.  Though, maybe not a good book to read on vacation, lol.

Book #3
The last book, I'm actually almost done with now.  I was able to get it free...but when I checked today, it was listed at $2.99.  Amazon has limited offers on free e-books everyday, so I try to sweep some up when I can.  Yes...some of them are crap, lol...but some are really great. 

This book is about a French teacher Charlotte, who finds out the day before they move to Paris, that her fiance is cheating on her with another girl.  She decides to go to Paris alone and decides that she's going to date 'like a man' and not have any serious relationships while she's having a fun year studying abroad. 

She ends up hooking up with one of the guys in her dorm, but he's keeping secrets from her.  He takes mysterious phone calls and then ends their dates right then and there.  Luc asks Charlotte to go home with him for Christmas, but she says no, since he won't tell her about the phone calls.

While in the mist of her adventures in Paris, she starts a blog.  She makes up some funny rules about not getting attached to guys, etc.  So far, this book has just been fun and silly.  Kindof emotional, since dealing with her fiance cheating on her and her own parents getting a divorce takes a tole on her as well. 

I'm not really quite sure how this book will end...but I have a feeling Luc and her will end up together. :)  In the story, Luc is I'm guessing his secret is his children.

Well, I'll be back tomorrow with my goal updates and another card!  Everyone have a great hump day!!



  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! For hosting us all weekend. I miss you tons and am looking forward to chatting you with soon. xo

  2. Whatta jam packed 11 days eh? Soooo fun to get together with all the girls!!!!


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