Thursday, April 5, 2012

A list of 30: Things I Will Do This Year

Okay, today is the big day!  Since I'm going to vacation soon, I don't have anything special planned and I'm working a normal day today at work.  Brent is taking me out tomorrow and then I'll be celebrating more the weekend after Easter. :) 

I already have goals set for 2012...but these are other things that I would like to work on as well.  I may fail at a few of these...I don't even know how many books I've downloaded for free in the Kindle and Nook apps, lol.  And I honestly don't know if I can get my Project Life done...but if I can get at least 75% of this list done by next April, I think I'll be pretty happy.

  1. Read all the books in my stash
  2. Visit my mom's grave
  3. Try bikram yoga
  4. Go zip lining
  5. Visit my BFF
  6. Profit with SCRS
  7. See the Canucks play live
  8. Save over $1,000 from couponing
  9. Make a card kit class
  10. Actually finish my Project Life
  11. See a play
  12. Take a college class
  13. Learn to cook something new
  14. Take more pictures
  15. Print more pictures
  16. Use more technology
  17. Cherish people more
  18. Pay off my car
  19. Plan something fun for our 5 year anniversary
  20. Play free bingo
  21. Create more for fun
  22. Make more scrapy cards
  23. Join the Alpha Xi Delta Alum group
  24. Wear earrings more often
  25. Execute Operation Beyońce - we have fun with Beyońce at work, can't give our prank away, lol
  26. Make chicken cards
  27. See my friends more
  28. Do another 5K
  29. Work on my garden
  30. Make more time for my team.  I truly love these ladies!!
I wish you all a happy Thursday!


  1. WOW! Happy 30th Birthday, girl! Hope it's AWESOME and we will DEFINITELY be celebrating next weekend!


  2. Happy happy birthday Mrs Smith! Seems like the holiday weekend was totally meant to celebrate your special day in a big way!

    Enjoy your birthday month! And all the best getting your 30 goals done! :)

  3. Happy Birthday Sparkle!! Welcome to the 30's! Have a wonderful day, weekend and month!!
    Look fwd to your progress on your 30 goals. Do get it done!! hahaha!

  4. Happy Birthday sweet gal!! I hope you have a wonderful day and an absolutely awesome weekend!! Hugs, Sem xxx

  5. Happy birthday,and great idea with setting those goals for yourself, best of luck with them.

  6. Happy Birthday Sparkle! Hope you get all your goals done.


  7. Happy happy birthday Sparkle!!!! I hear the 30s are fab so all the best!!!

    We will bring down the house and rock it next weekend! Lol I promise you that. Xoxo

  8. Happy happy birthday, Sparkle!!! Hope you enjoy this special day--celebrate YOU!!!!!!!!!! Psalm 118:24

    LOVE this list of thirty things to do this year! I think you can do them ALL!!!

  9. Happy Birthday my friend! I hope you have had a wonderful day!


  10. So how was the birthday weekend?!!!! Fun what's up with the chickens? Do you collect them?


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