Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Movie Reviews

Tomorrow I promise to have something crafty for you!  But since I've seen 4 movies in the last 2 weeks, I figure I better write about it before I forget what I want to say in my Project Life.  :)  I've seen 21 Jump Street, The Help, The Hunger Games, and American Reunion  Now, American Reunion doesn't come out until April 6th, but we were fortunate to get tickets to a screening and got to see it early and for free.

I have enjoyed all of these movies, but I was the least connected to 21 Jump Street.  The other two, I've read the books, and I grew up with American Pie.  The first movie when they were seniors in high school, was my junior year in high school.  I haven't watched them in years, but I did see all 3 of the other movies. 

21 Jump Street

Brent was the one who actually really wanted to see this.  I never watched the show as a kid, though it's totally my kind of show nowadays, since I love suspense/solving crimes shows and books.  Because of that, I didn't really have anything to compare the movie to.  Everyone says the movie is much more of a comedy than the show, but overall, I thought the movie was pretty good.  And for you Johnny Depp fans, he does make a cameo appearance in the movie. 

These guys in high school were the smart nerd and the dumb jock.  Years later, they both end up in the academy and help each other to pass the training.  During this time, they become partners and best friends.  They get sent undercover to do a high school drug bust.  They set up the ending to work it's way into a sequel, so I'm sure we'll see this duo soon again.

The Help

I went and hung out with my Jenn last week and after dinner and ice cream, we decided to watch this while we crafted.  I read this book awhile ago and I just never got around to seeing the movie when it came out.  Like any movie/book combo, they have to leave a ton out to make the movie a normal viewing time.  No Thornbirds saga here, lol. 

I love that they included Minny vacuuming the huge bear, lol!  But was sad that they didn't show the part where Minny thinks Celia is an alcoholic.  If you enjoyed the book, I think you'll like the movie. 

This story is about a group of white women who have black maids.  One of the white ladies starts writing a cleaning column for the newspaper and gets help from one of the maids.  As she does this, she starts to see how people treat them and starts writing a book about the help are treated.  The story ends with the hope that she'll be a successful writer in New York. 

The Hunger Games

After reading the trilogy, I really wanted to see the movie.  Brent actually ended up liking it, though I had to explain alot of it to him, since he didn't read the books.  I think it's hard to truly understand all of it without reading the series. 

I saw it opening weekend, so almost everyone in the theater had read the books.  They laughed when they mocked Effie, when they show Gale watching Katniss and Peeta kissing, etc.  And Woody Harrelson makes a great Haymitch, lol. 

I was really upset that they changed a major part of the story.  The author is even a co-producer, so shame on her for letting them change her story, lol.  Madge was not in the movie and Katniss gets the mocking jay pin in a totally different way.  I feel like Madge and the way Katniss gets the pin carries a big significance through out all 3 books.  You find out later in the series who the pin actually belonged to and how it carried through the district. 

Aside from that, I thought the movie was good.  With a ton of stuff cut out, the movie was still 2 hours and 20 I get why it's the way it is.  To read what this is about, see my post above about the book. 

American Reunion

It's kindof weird, because it's actually their 13th year reunion, lol, but they acknowledge that in the movie.  That their class wasn't with it and didn't plan a 10 year, so they're having one late.  It was a funny and mindless movie.  It's probably too crude and sexual for most of you, but since these were really popular movies while I was in high school, I had to see how this 4th movie would turn out.

They all return home for the 13th year reunion.  They reminisce on all of their old memories, good times, and shows what they're all doing now.  They go to all their cool hang out spots in high school and there's high school kids partying, lol.  It's quite funny seeing 30 year olds partying with 18 year olds.  Everyone from the original cast at least makes a quick appearance at the reunion, so it was nice to see the gang all back together. 

In the end, it shows the compassion, forgiveness, and cherishing their high school moments, first loves, and realizing that it's their past and that things will never be that again.  I know it's just a movie, but I wish my reunion would of been more like that.  No holding on to grudges...not wanting to see past significant others, etc. 

They left the ending at a point where there could possibly be another movie.  I'm guessing if they do, it would end up being more like Hang Over...and since Oz and Heather are back together, maybe a bachelor party and another wedding?  Now, this is just me I could totally be wrong.  But I'm just trying to think of what would be appropriate for their stage of life now. 

I haven't felt that great the past couple of days, so I'm hoping to feel more energized!  I hope you all have a wonderful hump day!

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