Friday, February 3, 2012

Winter CHA 2012 Recap

Hi! Did you all miss me?  I had such a wonderful time down in Anaheim and I'm very grateful to have had such a successful show!  I really appreciate everyone being a part of it!  Sorry, this going to be a LONG post. 

The downside to having a booth is that I didn't have a lot of freedom to walk around like I have in the past years.  I feel like I missed half of the show, lol.  But I did steal a few minutes everyday to walk around a little bit.

ALL of my pictures are posted on Facebook.  They are all public, so you don't need a Facebook account to view them.  Here's the link to my CHA album.  If you've been following me around, you'll also know I brought Flat Peggy with me and Naomi brought Flat Thanh with her.  I made a separate Facebook page for them, so if you'd like to see their CHA photos, you'll need to go there, as I took them off my personal page.  Here's the link to Adventures of Flat Peggy and 3D Thanh.

The SADDEST part of the trip is that I MISSED Ali Edwards. :(  That's the one person I really, really wanted to meet.  Next year, it'll be the FIRST thing Stephanie and I do, lol!  But I did get to see real and crafty celebrities!

Disclaimer: I'm only showing pictures of NEW people I met.  Everything else is on Facebook, except my Homie pic with Jess.

Tori Spelling was debuting her new jewelry line.  Being a huge 90210 fan, we went and got our picture taken with her.  That was the one thing Brent wanted to do, lol. 

I LOVE that Brent is sporting my logo tee in this picture with Tori Spelling!  Good way to get my name out there honey!  Donna Martin graduates!  PS...she's a very sweet lady.  I keep thinking of Adam from Big Brother this last season, lol!

Vanna White was there to show her new yarn line.  Can I buy a vowel?!?

We got to see the famous Jennifer McGuire!

Jen dul Muro, Susan Liles, and Suzanne Dean!  Such sweet, sweet ladies!

Lisa Hjulberg, Naomi Gong (fist time meeting her), Jessica Diedrich, me, and Suzanne at California Pizza Kitchen.  I miss you all already!

Carisa Zglobicki and Tenia Nelson!  I heart my Denver girls!!

After all the CTMH and Bella years...I've finally gotten to meet my dear friend Lori Scott!  Such a sweetheart and so glad I got to finally meet her!  I had no idea she was coming, so this was such a sweet and wonderful surprise for me!

Here is the gang with Amy Tan.  I did get to see Kelly Purkey too, but since I already met her last year, I'm not posting that pic on here.  I just love Amy's new line!!

And you know Jess and I can't go without our bi-annual homie pic, lol.  We're totally busting up in this pic!

Sorry I don't really have product pictures to show you.  I know you will all love the new Spellbinders, the new Basic Grey, Authentique, and My Minds Eye paper.  For being a flower queen, I didn't even make it to the Prima booth. :(   Oh, well...guess I'll have to hunt for some pics online, lol.

I hope you all have a great weekend.  I am hoping to catch up with life, work, and orders.  I'll be back on Tuesday with my next challenge card and we start sneak peeks for our February release next week. 



  1. CHA iwas so nice meeting you...

  2. I'll be there with you to stalk Ali Edwards next year too - she's my scrapbooking idol, lol!

  3. OHHHH! I just love these photos! Looks like you really REALLY had a great time!

  4. What a fun time, thanks for sharing!!!

  5. Thanks for sharing a teeny part of CHA with us. Looks like you had a fabulous time!

  6. Looks like so much fun! I so hope I can go one of these years...


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