Saturday, February 25, 2012

Life and Book Review: Mennonite in a Little Black Dress

Nothing crafty today, but I hope to have a new creation soon.  Okay, I've been a bad blogger...and commenter.  I honestly haven't even looked at blogs since I've been home from CHA.  How horrible is that?!?  I'm really trying to find a happy medium in between all of this juggling. 

I know I sound like a broken record...but I'm busy at my day job with new changes coming in March.  I'm still busy with wholesale orders from CHA.  My best friend is going through a hard time in her life right now and I can't even give her my full attention.  I'm a bridesmaid and I'll be making invitations for my brother's wedding this summer.  This is my life right now.

I started this book in December and I just finished it.  Really, I just got too busy and finally made myself finish it.  And it still took me 2 more days to actually write this post, lol.  I absolutely loved this book though, so don't think it was boring!  I saw Amy Tan do a collage of all the books she read in 2011 and I hope to make one for my 2012 book list! 

It's about a lady who grew up as a Mennonite and who left the community to go on and do other things.  After being married 15 years, her husband leaves her for a man and she gets into a really bad car accident.  As she needs someone to care for her while she is recovering, she returns to her parents house in the Mennonite community.  Though she's sort of a rebel, this book is about accepting your heritage and having appreciation for it, even if you don't fully agree or live by it. 

I completely relate this book, because Hmong culture is very much like this.  Girls get married at a very young age and many don't even finish school...much less go to college.  This is changing, but still not the norm.  I am a rebel...I didn't get married at 16, I went to college, I have a great career, I make decisions for myself...and I married a white person, lol.

I was raised to take care of myself.  If I got married to someone who could afford to take care of me, great.  But if they died or left me...I needed to be able to work and survive.  I knew I would never be able to have those values and marry a cultural traditional husband. 

And best part...she actually talks a little bit about Hmong people!  One of her mom's neighbors is Hmong and she talks about them eating chicken intestines, lol.  Until Grand Torino came out, no one really knew who Hmong people were...unless some happened to live by you. 

The movie is fabulous by the way.  When Brent and I saw it in the theaters, we laughed the whole time.  I think people were thoroughly it's not a funny movie at all.  It's violent and it's very racial, but it stages every stereotypical thing and very true things in there.  Saying Hmong wrong, that we eat cat, the Hmong gangs, the traditional clothes, etc...

Anyhoo, back to the book...was definitely not my normal kind of read.  I got it for $2 at Borders while they were clearancing out their books.  But this will definitely be a favorite that I actually keep. 


  1. So there is some truth to the gangsta photos you take with Jess!!! ;)

    Glad to see you posting something, my friend! Love ya!

  2. Now that's a good buy! Thanks for filling me in with a little about Hmong. I honestly didn't know anything!

    I have been a really bad blogger and commenter as well. It's getting harder for me since I am getting bigger and my craft space is in the attic, which means I have to climb up the ladder. Plus, I have been sick the last few days...and couldn't take anything for that! :( I am getting better though..

  3. I chuckled at your white person comment...It's always fascinating to learn about new cultures so I love it when you share.

    I was pretty good keeping up with blogs earlier this week but since I've been home from the beach I've been l-a-z-y. Today I managed to crank out 3 cards but still need to do some more and I'm trying to clean and dehoard too....filled up a 20 gal tub to add to the g-sale pile..sigh.

  4. Awww, it's called living life. You are one busy lady! I'm sure people'd understand if you've been absent for while. Glad to see you post though. I'm lucky enough to live in the SF bay area where there are so many diverse cultures. It's hard when you grow up in the US, I was seen as a rebel too growing up just because I've acclimated to the 'Western culture.' Yes, we are so bad LOL!

  5. take good care and take things easy, girl! hope you can find the balance soon. thanks for the book review and a little about your background. i enjoyed reading it! =)


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