Thursday, January 19, 2012

Project Life January Photos - Week 3

Howdy all...sorry that I've been MIA this week.  With getting locked out of my Google account and getting 4 inches of snow and ice, it's made my week pretty interesting, lol.  It's my second day home due to the weather, but I've still been working on both of my jobs...and doing laundry and cleaning my house.  I must say it's pretty awesome to work in my pajamas, especially when I'm use to wearing a suit everyday.

I am patiently waiting for more page protectors to come in before I start my physical album.  I'm trying really hard to keep up so when I actually get my stuff, it won't take too long to update.  I hope that once I do get caught up, I'll show you actual album pages instead of just pictures.  Last year I didn't pick a set...I used the blank cards and used my paper stash.  This year, I picked Clementine and I also bought the Clementine digital elements, so you'll see the colors run through some of the photos. 

Do any of you read the Bloggess?  I swear, this is funniest blog ever.  Has absolutely nothing to do with crafting, but this woman is just hilarious.  She has made metal chickens popular again!  I've been following her since this summer, when she got a 5ft tall metal rooster and named it Beyonce, lol.

I went to Walmart last Friday to do my coupon shopping.  I was able to get $2 off each pack of White Cloud toilet paper (this is 3-ply too), making a pack of 12 rolls only $3.97, which is $0.33 a roll.  I only used to use Charmin, which is $12.97 for 12 rolls.  I honestly don't think I've used a different brand since I lived in the dorms at college, lol.

My friend Lisa sent me this picture from her local scrapbook store.  Isn't this banner the coolest?!?  I'll have to try and make one myself.  Maybe once I get back from CHA, I can try to figure it out.  PS...I always love it when people send me 'sparkle' pics.  My friend Nona sent me one awhile too.  I think an Instgram collage is in the calling soon.

The 2nd Saturday of each month is my normal craft day.  It was also Lori's belated birthday, so we made cupcakes.  Kelly made chocolate peanut butter frosting - so yummy!  The gals are tired of me taking pictures of them each month, I gave them a little break.

As I'm preparing for CHA, my crafty friends helped me cut 433 envelope corners, 183 lacey circles, and 400 circles for my bookmark make-n-takes.  Having 5 of the same size Nestabilites works so well!  I really wish we could buy multiples of the same sizes!

Monday was a very sad  for me...I was leaving comments on the SCRS challenge entries and while I was signing in, I got this message.  I was locked out of all my blogs, my calendar, my profile, Google+ account, and my personal blog got shut down.  Good thing I don't use Gmail, or I really would of cried!

It took about 24 hours for Google to resolve all of this for me...and I still don't know what really caused them to think I was doing suspicious activity.  I'm just glad my blog is back up and running.  This made me create another Google profile just as a back-up though, in case this were to ever happen again.

Coming home on Saturday night from Craft Group was the beginning of the snow.  It didn't snow too much then, so I wasn't too worried about it.  I didn't want to take my chances though, so I ended just shopping at Safeway.  I wanted to use my Double Coupons at Albertson's, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be this week.  It's alright, I still got a good amount of savings.

I took this picture as soon as we got to work on Monday.  It reminds me of Narnia when it's frozen, lol.  There's a huge soccer field behind our office building, so that's the whole spread of snow that you see.

The snow didn't get bad til Wednesday morning.  Moving here from Denver, driving in the snow isn't a big deal for us.  But unfortunately, Seattle isn't as prepared as Denver is.  I'm a born and raised PacNW person, so I can totally relate.  I appreciate the snow skills I was forced to learn obtained in the 2 years I lived in Denver.  It snowed 36 inches my first winter in Denver. :)

This is Brent outside measuring the snow for me.  He walked down the street to Papa Murphy's and got us a pizza.  Such a sweetheart!  And an excuse for him to go play in the snow.

This was the weather forecast on my phone.  I took a screenshot on my iPhone and then ran it through Instagram. 

It's still snowing at my house and fortunately we still have power.  A lot of Maple Valley and Covington doesn't, so here's to hoping we won't lose power again.  Can you tell that I'm looking forward to be going to Anaheim next week?!?  I hope you all have a safe and lovely Thursday!  I'll be back tomorrow with something crafty!


  1. Sounds like you've had a lot going on. Isn't working in your jammies fun?

    How nice that you had lots of help with your CHA preparations. I wish I was going.

  2. Glad you're back in Google - looks like it's been a fun week! :)

  3. OH, Sparkle! You've had a crazy week! I can't believe you got locked out of your blog--I hope that never happens to me! I would freak! And I love that you enjoyed working at home in your jammies!! Those cupcakes look YUMMY! Fabulous pics for this post:)

  4. Gotta call you the coupon lady! hehe I use coupon and save but I don't think I save that much! LOL Oh, my friend laughs at me every time I bring my coupon organizer out! Guess what I use? A binder with baseball card protector sheets! It's big but it's so much easier to find my coupons!

  5. Wow, you are so busy!
    I love The Bloggess! LOVE! I want a Beyonce. :)


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